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  It’s that time again when we gather together the most esteemed of our filmmaking experts and put them in the spotlight to answer your questions about our noble pursuit. Filmmaking isn’t an exact science since the advancements in technology and ways we can capture and share or footage and the methods in which they […]

New OVFM Project – Who Am I?

WHO AM I? Time for another project for you all to flex your creative muscles and challenge your creative skills, and this one is a real challenge! While the title suggests that a the end result is to be a guessing game for the audience, there is a twist to the concept – the film you […]


  It’s brain cells at the ready for the next club meeting as we are required to bandy around ideas for films to make and enter for this year’s North vs. South competition! The theme is “Out of the Blue” which is one of those wonderfully nebulous titles that lends itself to a myriad of […]

Scriptwriting with Celtx Pt 2

  SCRIPTWRITING WITH CELTX Part 2: Writing Your Script   Hello Folks Here we go with the second part of my Celtx demo. If you missed the first part or need a refresher, you can find it HERE. On with the lesson! WRITING YOUR SCRIPT Presumably you have already written a synopsis and a treatment […]

Scriptwriting with Celtx Pt 1

  SCRIPTWRITING WITH CELTX Part 1:  Getting Started Hello Folks Further to the recent Celtx demo I gave at the club meeting on the 12th of November, I figured that since there was a lot of information to impart at half an hour wasn’t long enough – plus my awkward presentation skills probably made it […]

Short Stories for Filmmakers

  Short Stories for Filmmakers  by Chris Coulson   I’m always on the lookout for ideas for films, and we’ve all seen a number of brilliant short 1 minute joke films, by Basil & Pete, and by Barbara Walker, to name a couple of our filmmakers. Now I’m thinking, what’s the next step up from […]

The Write Stuff

Greetings dear readers (and you less expensive ones). For the benefit of those who don’t know me, as I’m a relative newcomer to OVFM, my name is Lee, the writer/director of the multi-award winning film “Writers Block”, and the big ugly brute in black who is usually blocking the view of short people at the […]