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Directing and On Set Instructions Here at OVFM one of our primary aims is to share our knowledge of filmmaking to help everyone improve their skills either in front or behind the camera, pre-or post production. In a recent double practical sessions of making joke films, some club members found themselves stepping into the role

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OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday November 10th 2015

  This week’s club meeting is a two part coaching evening to help improve the filmmaking skills and knowledge of club members and familiarise them with the club equipment. First there will be a demonstration of how to use the various supplementary bits of kit we have at our disposal  (full list is HERE), including

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OVFM Club Meeting September 30th 2014

It’s that time were we once again hand over the reins of the club meeting to a guest speaker. This week we will hear from Graham Kirkman who is an award winning dubbing mixer with 15 years experience currently employed by Halo Post, with a range of TV and film projects under his belt including Top Gear, The

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