OVFM 2022 Garden Party Notice


GARDEN PARTY – 26th JULY 2022 at  6pm.


Our summer get-together replaces our usual meeting and is on Tuesday 26th July. It’s now called a “Garden Party” but the event has evolved a great deal over the years.


Way back many, many years ago it was a simple gathering of members over a beef burger in a bun accompanied by a few fried onions. That proceeded to grow year by year until it became a fully-fledged barbecue, with a choice of meats and a wide variety of salads and desserts. However, all this entailed an awful lot of work for some members, including a cook, who didn’t get the chance to relax and enjoy themselves with everybody else, so it was suggested we ordered in fish and chips.


This worked very well until we had to stop meeting because of Covid 19.


We have always been very grateful to those members who offered to accommodate us in their gardens where we’ve had a variety of experiences. We’ve met in all weathers (bad weather never puts a stop to OVFM!) including the night of ‘Pavarotti in the Park’,  with Princess Diana filmed sitting in torrential rain. We were privileged to have as our cook that night Frank Hyde’s son, a chef at the 5 star Balmoral hotel in Edinburgh, who, nothing daunted, battled away under a big tarpaulin to keep us fed. On another occasion some brave folk were able to have a swim in Mike Shaw’s outdoor pool.


This year, we are grateful to Colin and Corrie Jones for inviting us to their lovely garden (address in the Members’ Only section) where we’re going to have a ‘bring your own’ picnic for which there are a few requests –


  • Arrive from 6 (six) pm
  • Bring your own food, drink and glasses.
  • Add something warm to wear in case it gets chilly.
  • Chairs if you wish but there will be some available.
  • There’s parking in nearby roads but be careful not to block any entrances.
  • Masks are worn at your own discretion


This is a good opportunity to meet up again and catch up with all your news.


Partners are also very welcome so please do come along and make it a party.


One last request – please let Barbara  J. know by 24th July whether or not you will manage to be there, and how many of you there will be.

Annabelle Lancaster



And here we go with the first round of the 2022 TOP TEN competition.


Like many of the activities we undertake as a club this one has had to undergo a slight change to fit in with the current climate and limitations of travel for many of our members. don’t worry it doesn’t put you out too much – except when you’re entering a film into this competition that is!


The first change is that we are holding this year’s comp via Zoom (not that big a deal but it is a first for the Top 10, last year’s final side), so nobody has to go anywhere. 


Secondly, we are not allotting any specific rounds to members as we use to; this year it is an open field. In other words, if you have a film ready then you can enter it, no need to wait until your round to share it with us. But this does mean a tighter deadline for submitting your films since they will need to be compiled into a single program for competitions officer David Roman-Halliday to screen from his PC/or via Vimeo.


Members are therefore asked to send their films to either David R-H or David Laker by WeTransfer or Filezilla by NO LATER THEN SATURDAY JULY 10TH to give David plenty of time to download the films and compile the programme as well as create the marking forms ahead of Tuesday.


Do please help us make this new system a success with your cooperation and we wish every the best of luck to all who enter a film this year.



For this meeting, the format is going to be slightly different, possibly even radical in its thinking but should be treated as the same as any other practical evening. We are looking to do some filming and improve our techniques and understanding of our craft but this time it is up to YOU to manage it yourselves.


What does that mean? Here is our chair Jane Oliver to elucidate:


Our previous two practical sessions dealt with framing, camera angles, capturing moving objects, working out the best type of shot for a given scenario, pans and zooms, cutaways and capturing good sound. We now want to build on this by giving you all the opportunity to practice these skills.


Rather than meeting in the hall on the evening of 28th June for 2 hours, we’ve decided to give members the opportunity to commit 2 hours to practicing these skills or to start or complete their Top Ten entry at a time that suits them between now and 31st July to give everyone ample opportunity to film something in good light and hopefully in good weather.  Hopefully some will have completed their Top Ten entry before this, so that it can be shown in the first round on12th July. 


Filming can be done individually or in groups arranged by members who wish to get together.  You don’t have to use a video camera; a phone or stills camera will do the job (photo montages are acceptable too).  You don’t even have to leave home, as there is plenty of material available either indoors or out.


We want EVERYONE to be involved, so please commit to spending at least two hours on this ‘filming’ project.  If there’s enough interest, we plan to show footage from this session at the September 6th meeting and feedback will be given to those who wish.


Essentially, you could look at it as a practical club meeting without the actual club meeting part. Instead of driving down to Petts Wood (or suffering on the bus like I do) to film and hone our skills, we can do it from the comfort of our own homes or local surroundings. Self-management is as important in filmmaking as receiving direction and advice from others, and taking what we have learned and applying it to our filming projects is an essential part of our practical and creative growth, hence this session being an opportunity to do just that. 


Therefore, we are putting our faith in club members to dedicate the 2 hour window (or longer if required or desired) this coming Tuesday to your next filmmaking endeavours – in other words, treat the time as “OVFM time” and not an excuse to watch the tennis just because you won’t be at the club hall! For instance, if you did some filming during the morning or afternoon on Tuesday, you now have the time you would have spent coming to the meeting to check your footage instead. It is hoped this will give you an extra couple of hours to put towards your film to revise and improve it, or have it completed sooner for the Top Ten. 


Sadly, attendance has been down a little lately, and we understand why this is, but it doesn’t mean we want club members who can’t attend in person to feel they are being left out or that their physical absence at meetings means they should stop making films, or continue to learn more techniques or key areas that may require improvement. It is our hobby and interest – surely we should be striving individually and collectively to further our skills, and attain creative fulfilment. We therefore hope that this idea will offer encouragement for them to still feel connected to the club and rekindle their desire to be active filmmakers again.


Jane also has some suggestions for anyone needing inspiration:


For those of you wanting to improve on framing and composition (this applies to stills photography too) can be practiced through using static objects such as:


a letterbox

a house number

an envelope on the door mat

a front door

a flat or house

a street

a garden

a dustbin

a shop


a person, standing or sitting

2 people, standing or sitting

a group of people, standing or sitting



For objects moving across, toward, or away from the lens, you could consider taking shots of 





sports balls

People walking/running/skateboarding  *


You could then examine the footage; and consider:


Should I have taken that shot at a different angle?

Should I have been closer/further away?

What’s in the frame that ought not be or is distracting?

Have I left something out that is essential?

Could I make a story from my footage?

Can I take some cutaways/B-roll to assist?

What additional shots should I film to link up some of these things?


There is no need to do anything complex, unless anyone feels confident enough to want to challenge themselves beyond their current capabilities, especially those who were privileged to be at the last two practical meetings. Some members might like to use some time improving their ‘sound’ skills, lighting set ups, green screen filming, or use this footage to try different editing techniques, such as split screen, modern transitions, and of course, colour correction and grading.


Thank you in advance for stepping up to this challenge in support of your committee who are working hard to keep your interest in your hobby alive.



* For this suggestion, you could place someone centre of the frame and film them walking past different locations, then edit it together to look like one long walk with only the background changing. Just ensure it is someone you know a stalking is an offence!


Keeping a healthy, consistent stream of output is what keeps the club running and our members always learning and improving. Without the films we have nothing – no more film shows, no more competitions, no more club meetings. Currently, it is same few people who are keeping things afloat and one day even they won’t be able to do this anymore, which is why it is crucial that everybody steps up and makes an effort.


As we have demonstrated via Zoom and our Vimeo account, there are still ways to share advice and our work with each other. That is the beauty of modern technology – it affords us so much in the way of practical opportunities we’d be remiss if we didn’t take advantage of them, and we as a film club have no reason not to.


We hope that you all take advantage of this opportunity on Tuesday (weather permitting – or if it is that bad, perfect for a horror film B-roll!) to do something practical with the extra time whether improving a technique or adding to the making your next film. 


Thanks for reading and happy filming!




For the first club meeting of June, we hand the hosting duties over to an old friend of OVFM, Ron Prosser!



Ron Prosser (FACI) has a storied career in filmmaking spanning 65 years, cutting his teeth professionally with Hollybush Films in a number of roles, including the shooting, editing and presenting of corporate films. For this session, he will deliver a programme entitled “Selected Films from Celluloid to Digital” which will no doubt see him delve into his deep archive of films to entertain us, as well as regaling us with stories behind the making of these films.


Ron shares this preview with us:


Film has been a passion for me since childhood and it was in 1954 that I bought my first cine camera, a 9.5mm Dekko Motocamera, a 15th birthday present to myself spending £22 – two years earnings as a butcher’s delivery boy.  

I joined the  ‘Crawley Film Unit’ and progressed onto 16mm, making films in this gauge including corporate and educational films for Hollybush Motion Pictures. Circumstances then brought me to 8mm, both standard and super, during which time I achieved a number of successes in the “Amateur Cine World’s” Ten Best competition.  

Turning to video and then to digital, which was achieving better quality pictures and had become easier to edit, with the advent of nonlinear editing, I made “Rose” as my debut into this brave new medium. This did extremely well in International Festivals including a ‘Guernsey Lily’ and a Bronze UNICA award, both of which I am extremely proud.

Many other films followed including “Letters from the Front” which gained successes in County, Regional, National and International competitions.

So, it is a privilege to share with you a selection of films tonight.”


The event will be taking place via Zoom so look out for an email from secretary Barbara J. Darby containing the link 24 hours before the date in question.


See you then!



Despite a low turn out (of five people!) the last meeting was deemed a valuable enough experience that we’re doing it again for this session too!

We will once again congregate at the Barnard Rooms and expect you to bring along any footage you have filmed recently, unedited and untouched, so it can be viewed and discussed with the possibility of being either the foundation for a new film project, or is related to the upcoming Jubilee celebrations, which we hope to document in a special newsreel for the Autumn Film Show. 


Hopefully, with the weather brightening up you’ll feel more comfortable leaving the house and joining us in person  again. As before, please feel free to wear a mask if you are more comfortable doing so.  Equally, those who don’t like wearing masks, there is no requirement for you to do so.  It is an individual choice that we will all respect whatever you choose.


Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on Tuesday evening!



OVFM returns to the club hall of the Barnard Rooms for our next meeting, which will be a mix of filming and discussion to see if we have the seeds for a new project or something to bolster our coverage of the upcoming Jubilee celebrations for the special bonus newsreel we hope to include in our Autumn film show.


Per our chair Jane Oliver:


We’d like to try something different.  We’re asking members to film something ahead of the meeting whether on phone or camera and either bring their SD card along or download some clips onto a flash drive/memory stick.  Those who prefer to use a camera and take stills can bring some stills along too (on SD card or flash drive/memory stick).  There’s no need for it to be edited.


It would be good if clips could relate to the jubilee; there’s lots of bunting and decorations in Orpington High Street and it is likely to be the same elsewhere. On Saturday, Pratt’s Bottom have their fete from 11.30am to 4pm and there’ll be stalls and May Queens from across the Borough.  Anything goes really,  anything red, white and blue, a crown, The Queen’s Head, maybe a picture you’ve drawn, a red telephone box (if you can find one), a pillar box (good if it has a ‘topper’ of a crown or something similar),  corgis or decorations in shop windows; Bromley is having a competition for shop that best captures the Jubilee spirit with eye-catching window displays, so some shops might have started early.


During the evening we will watch some of your clips and have a general discussion and see where that takes us.  If any of you don’t have time to film ahead of the evening, there will be an opportunity for you to slip out at the beginning of the meeting and capture something locally should you wish, so please bring your camera or phone if you want to do this. This is a really good opportunity for you to see something of yours on the big screen which might be a first for some of you.


We hope to draw the evening to a close at about 9.30pm.


It will be good to see as many of you as possible;  I’m sure we are all at the stage where we’d like to get back together again in person….. and please feel free to wear a mask if you are more comfortable doing so.  Equally, those who don’t like wearing masks, there is no requirement for you to do so.  It is an individual choice that we will all respect whatever you choose.


As an adjunct to this, there are other local events happening this weekend, so do please consult this post HERE for information if you are short of ideas or something to film.


Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on Tuesday evening!



Student Films Showcase


This week’s meeting will once again be held via Zoom but is a slightly different in its content.


OVFM was contacted by Bromley College to watch and give comments ton films made by students of their Media Studies course.  The remit of this project was to produce a 2-5 minute film on one of two subjects:


A topical local news item 

A film with the theme ‘Signs’


Five films were submitted and we shall be viewing them all on Tuesday evening. The total run time of all five films is 20 minutes, so we propose to spend around 10-15 minutes discussing each film, looking at it from every aspect and providing constructive comments for these young filmmakers as to how and where their films could be improved, as well as what they did right. We shall also be using a specially modified version of our scoring sheet for the Top Ten competition, which you can download and print off in Excel format HERE. The amendment to the form is in the final question “Has the brief been met?”, to be scored out of ten, referring to whether the film fits the remit of its theme or topic.


Another purpose of this exercise is to help club members get used to speaking up and sharing their opinions on films as well as learning how to be constructive and tactful in delivering feedback, knowing when to bring up a negative point without causing offence, or how to articulate opinion on a technical issue. All too often when hold film  screening evenings that require members’ feedback, it is the same few people speaking up and we want to encourage everyone to have the confidence to share their thoughts, and this is the perfect opportunity to test the waters so to speak. 


Naturally, if you aren’t comfortable with speaking up that is fine too, there is no pressure; however we would like you to still record your scores and comments on the scoring sheet, to give you a point of reference in comparing and contrasting with the thoughts of others. But we do hope to have a substantial turn out for this meeting and that a many members as possible will find this a helpful exercise to participate in – it is about getting everyone involved and helping us help each other.


The Zoom link for the meeting will be sent via email by club secretary Barbara J. Darby shortly before it is to take place so please look out for that, and we hope to see as many of you as possible on Tuesday for what should be an  interesting session.


Thanks for reading.







Time for another project to get your creative juices going! The theme for this one is “70” which has a number of possibilities and connotations, not in the least the fact that Her Majesty The Queen is celebrating 70 years on the throne this year.


We’ve already posted some of the local events happening to commemorate this occasion to go towards a special  Platinum Jubilee newsreel for the Autumn Show in October, but this also makes it easier for you to film something for this project too. 


But don’t limit yourself to just this idea, “70” could mean much more – it might be yours or someone else’s 70th birthday this year; or you may have memories of when you turned 70; perhaps something significant happened in 1970 you might want to share with us; You could even go further back in time to a century that has a special year 70 in it.


Maybe you are a collector of something unique and have it the number 70; maybe you live or once lived at a house which was Number 70; perhaps this was the bus you took to school or work once upon a time and you have memories of that; Did you ever releases a pop single and it only got to number 70 in the charts? Tells us about it. You never know – perhaps the film you make might for this could be your 70th one overall! 


The screening of these films is scheduled for the club meeting on Tuesday August 9th which may seem like a long way away but time has a habit on creeping up us and before you know it, the deadline has arrived.  So get your thinking caps on, your cameras or phones out and see what you can do!


Thanks for reading and have fun filming!



One of the key annual events in the OVFM calendar is the Triangle Competition, which we have won on many occasions and maybe this year, we will win again.


For those who aren’t aware, the concept is that three film clubs submit a programme whilst a fourth club judges them and declares the winners for Best Programme and Best Film. Those clubs are OVFM, Epsom, and Spring Park with judging by Staines Movie Makers. This will be the first year the competition has run without Shooter’s Hill, which disbanded last year, who were the fourth club, but we are grateful to Staines for stepping up for us this year.


Each programme is 30 minutes long meaning 90 minutes of films in total. Epsom and Spring Park have already seen the films so we are the last club to see what they (and we) have submitted. The winners have already been decided but we won’t know the result until the end of the evening whilst judges comments and feedback will be shared for our own elucidation.

The meeting will take place via Zoom, the link for which will be sent out via email by secretary Barbara Darby prior to the event. There will be a short break between the second and third programmes. The complete line-up of films from all three competing clubs is available for download HERE.

We hope to see you all on Tuesday for the event and fingers crossed for another OVFM victory!



One of the more important and serious nights on the OVFM calendar, the 2022 AGM is the one night of the year where club members get to air their concerns, ask questions and share their ideas for future programmes, so please don’t let this opportunity pass you by if you have something to say.


In keeping with the current climate, this year’s AGM will be held via Zoom, so look out for an email with the link from Barbara J. Darby soon, along with a copy of the agenda for the meeting and any other relevant documents.


Also at the AGM, we elect our Committee. Every year they work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure the club keeps running, projects are conceived, outings and events are organised and all of the perks and treats you get to enjoy on a regular basis are taken care of.


Every seat on the Committee is temporarily vacated – including the position of Chairman – so anyone can who has been nominated or has decided to stand can find themselves as the newest member. While we appreciate everything they do for us, like anything an injection of fresh blood can make all the difference, which is why this opportunity is there for the taking.


You all should have received a nomination form via email a few weeks back and if you planned to stand or support someone wanting to stand then these should have been filled out and sent back to Barbara J. ahead of this meeting.


Incumbent chair Jane Oliver is now entering her fifth year in charge and has had to navigate the club through some unprecedented choppy waters over the past couple of years, but has kept her head and held the steering wheel as firmly as possible, whilst continuing to represent the club at externally and public events.


A reminder of the current committee as it stands is as follows:


Chairman – Jane Oliver

Vice Chairman – Vacant

Secretary – Barbara J. Darby

Treasurer – David Laker

Competitions Officer – David Roman-Halliday


Ordinary Members:

Annabelle Lancaster (FACI)

Andy Watson

Trevor Rogers

Mandy Carr

Brenda Wheatley 


Press Officer – Vacant


And remember it is not just the Committee who determine the future of the club and the projects that help us stay active creatively and socially – this is YOUR club so YOUR ideas and suggestions are equally valid and welcome. The club needs films to survive and we thrive on having great ideas to make those films, so please have a think about concepts and themes for future project evenings or other club events.


To download the minutes from the 2021 AGM please click HERE


Remember this is about your voice, your views, your club!


Thanks for reading and see you on Tuesday.