Time for another project to get your creative juices going! The theme for this one is “70” which has a number of possibilities and connotations, not in the least the fact that Her Majesty The Queen is celebrating 70 years on the throne this year.


We’ve already posted some of the local events happening to commemorate this occasion to go towards a special  Platinum Jubilee newsreel for the Autumn Show in October, but this also makes it easier for you to film something for this project too. 


But don’t limit yourself to just this idea, “70” could mean much more – it might be yours or someone else’s 70th birthday this year; or you may have memories of when you turned 70; perhaps something significant happened in 1970 you might want to share with us; You could even go further back in time to a century that has a special year 70 in it.


Maybe you are a collector of something unique and have it the number 70; maybe you live or once lived at a house which was Number 70; perhaps this was the bus you took to school or work once upon a time and you have memories of that; Did you ever releases a pop single and it only got to number 70 in the charts? Tells us about it. You never know – perhaps the film you make might for this could be your 70th one overall! 


The screening of these films is scheduled for the club meeting on Tuesday August 9th which may seem like a long way away but time has a habit on creeping up us and before you know it, the deadline has arrived.  So get your thinking caps on, your cameras or phones out and see what you can do!


Thanks for reading and have fun filming!