It’s back! The annual OVFM Top Ten competition is ready to be launched for this year, which means its time to get your filmmaking gear out of the cupboard and get filming!


The Top Ten is one of the longest running and hotly contested competitions on the OVFM calendar and whilst things have been a bit mad of late as well as regular entrants no longer being with us, we hope that there is still enough of you to keep this going.


Unlike most years, the allotment of members to specific rounds has been eschewed for this year as we are aware that circumstances can change on the turn of a heel. Therefore, we won’t be deciding who gets to enter their film YOU do. We have three dates set aside on the calendar for the screening evenings, giving everyone a degree of flexibility in how much time they have to make their film. However, we don’t want everyone leaving it to the last minute and we end up with a huge list of films on the last session.


We also hope that if there is a small number of entries, we can discuss the films with greater depth and offer more thoughtful constructive feedback to help the filmmaker in where improvements could be made if necessary, and give them more time to respond to any queries and comments.


The three rounds will take place on the following dates:


Round 1: Tuesday July 12th 

Round 2: Tuesday August 23rd 

Round 3: Tuesday October 4th 


The final is set for Tuesday January 10th 2023


The results of last year’s competition can be found HERE


Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing the results of your endeavours!