The OVFM’s main annual competition has been running since 1985 under its original moniker “The Knockout” until 2003 when it became the Top 10.


The concept is fairly straightforward – club members submit their films for scrutiny and critique by their peers (well, the other club members) then points are awarded for the various technical aspects – Titles, Visuals, Structure, Sound, Editing and General Appeal, all marked out of 10 points. After each qualifying round has taken place the top ten rated films (see what we did there?) then face off in the final – with any amendments made from the comments in the preliminary rounds – before the highest scoring film is finally revealed at the OVFM Oscars the following year.


The films can be on any subject, in any style, covering any genre and can range from one minute to twenty minutes! the only enforceable stipulation is that your films must NOT have won any prizes in other OVFM competitions in previous years eg: Kath Jones Cup, Mike Turner Plate or Vic Treen Trophy. Any comments or criticisms proffered are completely constructive so no feelings are hurt (as far as we know!) and one can usually expect expert opinion and advice in order to address any issues raised.


Members can find more details on the rules and guidelines along with a downloadable scoring form HERE.


And speaking of Top Tens, we are currently listing the OVFM members’ Top 10 favourite films, the results of which you can find HERE!


Here is the list of winners from 1985 to present:


1985 The Grey Team by Annabelle Lancaster

1986 Fathers and Sons by Derek Butler

1987 Barry Marries by Derek Butler

1988 Witness by Reg Lancaster

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1989 Fete by Reg Lancaster

1990 Final 4 Star by Reg Lancaster

1991 Water in the Streets By Reg Lancaster

1992 Hampden P1344 by Jim Morton-Robertson

1993 Charles Henry Robinson by Mike Turner

1994 Curious Kent by Mike Coad

1995 Trinidad Carnival by Mike Bishop

1996 The Rehearsal by Rin Goose

1997 Elephant Orphanage by Jennifer Morton-Robertson

1998 Whitefella Dreaming by Jim & Jennifer Morton- Robertson

1999 Early Risers by Annabelle Lancaster

2000 Sights and sounds of London by Night By Barbara Walker / joint with Pipes in the Park by Reg Lancaster

2001 The Cheesemaker by Reg Lancaster

2002 Otford Village Sign by Barbara Darby

2003 Squatters In My Garage by Barbara Darby

2004 Sleepy Head by Chris Coulson

2005 The Strange Case of the Doctor’s Journal by Mike & Pam Graham

2006 Grumpy Old Men of Orpington by Hugh Darrington

2007 The Invisible Man by Hugh Darrington

2008 Talking Pictures by Mike Shaw

2009 Clappers by Mike Shaw

2010 Otford Pond Makeover by Barbara Darby

2011 Picture Picture by Mike Shaw    Full results for 2011 HERE.

2012 Master Craftsman by Barbara Darby    Full results for 2012 HERE

2013 The Village Mosaic by Barbara Darby    Full results for 2013 HERE

2014 Illusions by Mike Shaw    Full results for 2014 HERE

2015 Commute by Barbara Walker    Full results for 2015 HERE

2016 Reconstruction Of H4 by Barbara Darby    Full results for 2016 HERE

2017 Orpington In The 1840s by David Laker   Full results for 2017 HERE

2018 Beyond the Sunset by Sam Brown   Full results for 2018 HERE

2019 Distance by Mandy Carr    Full results for 2019 HERE

2021 Lanzarote – A Different View by Brian Pfeiffer  Full results for 2021 HERE  


(with thanks to Brenda Wheatley for compiling this list and Freddy Beard for additional information)