It’s baaack!

The annual OVFM Top 10 Competition for 2012 is due to start soon and once again it will be contested over five rounds across the year. In the 2011 competition we had 24 entries – can we top that number this year?

Competition organiser Brenda Wheatley has released the line-ups for each round so please check to see in which group your name is included:


Round 1 (22nd May)

Bob Wyeth

Lee Relph

Mike Turner

Frank Hyde

Jane Oliver

Gwen Whippy

Bob Vine

Mike Graham

Ian Menage

Ed Jarnot

Sam Brown

Cherie Hamlet-Smith


Round 2 ( July 17th)

Peter Mitchell

Val Pinkerton

John Bunce

Hugh Darrington

Colin Jones

David Laker

Mo & Peter Lodge

Annabelle Lancaster

Charlie & Nellie Caseley

Barbara Darby

Chris Coulson

Lizzie Mathews


Round 3 (August 28th)

Barbara Walker

Alan Whippy

Reg Lancaster

Freddy Beard

Brenda & Roger Wheatley

Peter Llewllyn Smith

Jess & Richard Pugh

Barbara J. Darby

Simon Earwicker

Harold & Maisie Trill

Jennie Jarnot

Mike & Jo Coad


Round 4 (September 25th)

Christine Collins

Brian Pfeiffer

Mike Shaw

Craig Robinson

Peter Reilly

Ann & John Epton

John Ransley

John Alford

Tony Faller

Pat Palmer

Anna Littler

Ann Perrin & Alan Gage


Round 5 (October 23rd)

Andy & Marian Watson

Jim Morton Robertson

Barbara Walker

Mike Bishop

Andy Webb

Basil Doody

Sylvia Snipp

Ray Hewitt

Derek Allen

Alan Smith

Malcolm Goodwin

Susan Ward

Len Lawrence


If you don’t have your film ready by the given date please let Brenda know so that she can try to find someone else to fill the gap in the evening. If your film is ready early please bring it along on a top ten night and if there is time we will show it.

If you miss your given round you can bring your film along to a later one, but it will only be shown after those drawn for that round, if there is time.

Be sure to check back as the competition progresses.

Now get filming people! 🙂

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  1. Thank you Lee.
    Lets hope we get a good response especially in the earlier rounds.

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