OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday Feb 14th 2012

 Project Evening – Past Love

This week’s meeting falls on February 14th which is also known as Valentine’s Day, a cynical exploitation by the huge corporate entities to make money from the easily influenced by brainwashing them into believing this day is a celebration of the fabled and fictitious sentiment called “love” whilst taking huge enjoyment by rubbing it in to us lonely single types sitting in the shadows of our companion free solitude. Bitter? Moi?

Anyway, to mark this occasion the Legion Of Doom have decided to make the theme of the films for this meeting “Past love”. Now, this doesn’t necessarily have to be about a person from one’s history but could also be a hobby or pet or piece of music or anything that once had a profound or positive effect on your life which, for one reason or another, has slipped by the wayside, walked out the door or was accidentally flushed it down the toilet, as the years have passed.

So, those of you willing (or bold enough) to share with us the romantic secrets of your past are invited to bring your films on Tuesday and see if you can elicit and “Ahh” (or at worst a “What The….?”) from your friends and peers at OVFM.

If you are likely to be submitting a film this week then please reply to this post below to give us an idea of how many films to prepare for, while the rest of you, don’t forget to bring your hankies just in case (or a bucket as is your wont….)

And a bonus point to anyone who can name the actress in the banner pic!!

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  1. I will be bringing a 5-minute project film PAST LOVE. Perhaps the best one that night will be eligible for North v. South NO WAY BACK. Derek.

  2. I have just completed my very emotional film about “Past Love” and whilst making it I was in floods of tears.

  3. So, “Past Love” was the theme and we had some interesting interpretations on the theme.

    First up was Hugh Darrington explaining “Why (He) Stopped Playing Golf” and in the process demonstrating why we should be thankful he did.

    Alan Smith’s first loves was guns. I guess that means his marriage to Cherie was a “Shotgun Wedding”? Boom boom!

    Not quite sure what to make of Jim Morten-Robertson’s “past love” explained through a comic effort entitled “Red Sky” which featured Hugh Darrington (again) as a Russian spy. I don’t wish to sound rude but the accent was awful. Was that supposed to be Scottish, Jim?

    We were supposed to have a film entitled High hopes but it wouldn’t play so instead we were treated to a non-related but fun diversion with Hugh Darrington (again!!) as a weather man.

    In the shocker of the night Mike Turner’s past love wasn’t Doris Day related but a cricket bat. I’m saying no more.

    Derek Allen recalled with fondness the golden age of “Black & White Films” next then Lady Annabelle of Lancaster shared some vintage footage of the “Markets Of Paris”.

    Hubby Reg was up next with his insight into the making of the “Final 4 Star” edition of the Daily Express newspaper to come from Fleet Street way back in 19-hundred-and-frozen-to-death.

    A Barbara Darby (yes that one) shared with us a film shot in Costa Rica about coffee. I’m told that Barbara is now 6 years clean and is much better now she’s ditched the caffeine for heroin.

    Thank God we here at OVFM are not a perverse bunch, eh? 😉

  4. I thought it was a real fun evening.
    Great to see some of the old films made by long standing members in their early days of film making.

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