One of the key annual events in the OVFM calendar is the Triangle Competition, which we have won on many occasions and maybe this year, we will win again.


For those who aren’t aware, the concept is that three film clubs submit a programme whilst a fourth club judges them and declares the winners for Best Programme and Best Film. Those clubs are OVFM, Epsom, and Spring Park with judging by Staines Movie Makers. This will be the first year the competition has run without Shooter’s Hill, which disbanded last year, who were the fourth club, but we are grateful to Staines for stepping up for us this year.


Each programme is 30 minutes long meaning 90 minutes of films in total. Epsom and Spring Park have already seen the films so we are the last club to see what they (and we) have submitted. The winners have already been decided but we won’t know the result until the end of the evening whilst judges comments and feedback will be shared for our own elucidation.

The meeting will take place via Zoom, the link for which will be sent out via email by secretary Barbara Darby prior to the event. There will be a short break between the second and third programmes. The complete line-up of films from all three competing clubs is available for download HERE.

We hope to see you all on Tuesday for the event and fingers crossed for another OVFM victory!