OVFM returns to the club hall of the Barnard Rooms for our next meeting, which will be a mix of filming and discussion to see if we have the seeds for a new project or something to bolster our coverage of the upcoming Jubilee celebrations for the special bonus newsreel we hope to include in our Autumn film show.


Per our chair Jane Oliver:


We’d like to try something different.  We’re asking members to film something ahead of the meeting whether on phone or camera and either bring their SD card along or download some clips onto a flash drive/memory stick.  Those who prefer to use a camera and take stills can bring some stills along too (on SD card or flash drive/memory stick).  There’s no need for it to be edited.


It would be good if clips could relate to the jubilee; there’s lots of bunting and decorations in Orpington High Street and it is likely to be the same elsewhere. On Saturday, Pratt’s Bottom have their fete from 11.30am to 4pm and there’ll be stalls and May Queens from across the Borough.  Anything goes really,  anything red, white and blue, a crown, The Queen’s Head, maybe a picture you’ve drawn, a red telephone box (if you can find one), a pillar box (good if it has a ‘topper’ of a crown or something similar),  corgis or decorations in shop windows; Bromley is having a competition for shop that best captures the Jubilee spirit with eye-catching window displays, so some shops might have started early.


During the evening we will watch some of your clips and have a general discussion and see where that takes us.  If any of you don’t have time to film ahead of the evening, there will be an opportunity for you to slip out at the beginning of the meeting and capture something locally should you wish, so please bring your camera or phone if you want to do this. This is a really good opportunity for you to see something of yours on the big screen which might be a first for some of you.


We hope to draw the evening to a close at about 9.30pm.


It will be good to see as many of you as possible;  I’m sure we are all at the stage where we’d like to get back together again in person….. and please feel free to wear a mask if you are more comfortable doing so.  Equally, those who don’t like wearing masks, there is no requirement for you to do so.  It is an individual choice that we will all respect whatever you choose.


As an adjunct to this, there are other local events happening this weekend, so do please consult this post HERE for information if you are short of ideas or something to film.


Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on Tuesday evening!

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  1. Thanks Jane and Lee – it all looks very interesting and it will be great to see each other in the flesh again.

    But sadly (well, not really!) I shall have just landed in South Africa for the twice COVID deferred wedding of my granddaughter Rachael. Some Members might recall her helping me on an evening when I showed films from her previous Animal Rehab Centre at Moholoholo. She is now working with ‘Care for Wild’ the Rhino Rescue Centre (worth a Google) where we will be spending a few days. The Wedding is taking place in the small chapel inside Kruger Park with Safari rides either side!! We have other safari rides planned plus being taken around the local scenic areas so I hope to come home with some interesting filming which I can make into a Competition entry this year.


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