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2014 OVFM Oscars – The Results

THE RESULTS Hello and welcome to the annual OVFM Oscars Results report. The 2014 OVFM Oscars took place in front of a bored audience at the Barnard Room, St Augustine’s Church on a somewhat chilly night but that didn’t stop them dressing up in their best glad rags for the events. Actually it did stop […]


THE RESULTS!! Oh what a night…Early March in 2013 Erm…doesn’t quite work does it? Anyway last night was the Oscars and a good time was had by most – specifically Colin “Fox Whisperer” Jones and Barbara “Cakes” Darby who took home five and three awards respectively. I didn’t win anything but I have the judges […]

Hold the Front Page! OVFM is Here!

Hold the Front Page – OVFM is Here!!   Yes thanks to the tireless efforts of our club press officer Lady Annabelle of Lancaster, OVFM had pride of place on the front page of the Bromley and Orpington Times (click thumbnail for larger image):     Thanks to David Laker for the image!   **EDIT** […]

Oscar Night. The Picture Parade

You’ve pestered, you’ve begged, you’ve fretted, you’ve sweated. but in spite of all that I’m not going to be stopped! So Film Fans, I give you…THE OVFM OSCAR NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHS! Please! Thank you, settle down, mind what you’re doing with that monopod missus, where’s me wash board, I didn’t come here to get insulted…I could […]

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