OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday March 13th 2012 – OVFM OSCARS!!


Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls and Miscellaneous – dust off your glad rags as it is once again time for the annual OVFM Oscars!!

Those lowlifes in Hollywood had the audacity to pinch the idea of awarding films with prizes and statuettes some 50 plus years before OVFM came up with it but that hasn’t stopped the club from showing them how it should be done!

On Tuesday March 13th at the Barnard Rooms, St Augustine’s Petts Wood the crème de la crème of the work created by the talented members of OVFM will be rewarded in a gala evening of epic proportions that will razzle you, dazzle you and – if you play your cards right – bejazzle you!

Last year young Reg “Reg” Lancaster walked away with four prizes (but had to give them back until he was officially awarded them) for his epic drama “Finnish Foibles” followed by the debut outing by someone unknown lump of gristle called Lee Relph, whose contemplative paean to the survivors of the great authors cull of 1922 “Writers Block” bagged three awards. For the full list of winners from last year please click HERE (but not until you’ve finished reading this page!).

So who will reign supreme this year? Can Reg Lancaster score big two years in a row? Who will take home the Mike Turner Plate? Did anyone successfully put a film to music in an award wining style? Which nine films were not voted winner of the annual Top Ten competition? Do you care? If you do then join your affable (or is it flammable? I forget which) host Chris “Cats” Coulson as he guides us through the murky waters of the 2012 OVFM OSCARS!!


Be there or don’t. It’s up to you.

3 Replies to “OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday March 13th 2012 – OVFM OSCARS!!”

  1. Hem!
    If it’s all the same to you Lee I’ll just stick with being a little bit razzled and a little bit dazzled…!
    Don’t forget your bow tie.

  2. Specially like the “Cats” Coulson – but also the prospect of being vajazzled!!

  3. What a big night the Oscars were with Simon “Snapper” Earwicker claiming four prizes.

    The full list of winners are as follows:

    Ian Dunbar Cup for Best Film – “My Other Hobby” by Chris Coulson (presented by Reg Lancaster)

    Orpington Trophy for Best Film runner up – “Engine Turning” by Barbara Darby (presented by Reg Lancaster)

    Commended Certificates awarded by Chris Coulson to:

    “Switzerland” by Bob Wyeth
    “Street Party” by Barbara Darby
    “Garden Tips” by Colin Jones
    “1759” by Mike Turner
    “Survivors Leave” by Simon Earwicker
    “Mystery Of The Garden Shed” by John Bunce
    “Connoisseur” by Barbara Walker

    Heyfield Trophy for Best Sound – “Weymouth Lights Up The Night” by Simon Earwicker (presented by Jim Morton-Robertson)

    Priory Trophy for Best Editing – “Rhythm Of Life” by Simon Earwicker (presented by David Laker)

    Jubilee Shield for Best Film Under Five Minutes – “Why Are Icebergs Blue?” by David Laker (presented by Brenda Wheatley)

    Reg Lancaster Trophy for Funniest Film – “My Other Hobby” by Chris Coulson (presented by Reg Lancaster)

    Arthur Woolhead Trophy for Best Animation/Special Effects – “Picture Picture” by Mike Shaw (presented by Mike Turner)

    Renee Morris Penguin Plate for Best Photography – “Scenes From The Seaside” by Simon Earwicker (presented by Mike Coad)

    Alice Howe Trophy for Best Documentary – “Engine Turning” by Barbara Darby (presented by Freddy Beard)

    Raasay Trophy for Best Film in No Special Category – “Moon Song” by Simon Earwicker (presented by Annabelle Lancaster)

    Kath Jones Cup for Best Joke Film Under Five Minutes – “Garden Tips” by Colin Jones (presented by Mike Shaw)

    Vic Teen Trophy for Best film Set To Music – “Engine Shop” by John And Ann Epton (presented by Sam Brown)

    Mike Turner Plate for Best film Under One Minute – “Team Work” by Colin Jones (presented by Mike Turner)

    Top Ten 2011: Runner Up – “Connoisseur” by Barbara Walker (presented by Lee Relph)

    Winner – “Picture Picture” by Mike Shaw (presented by Lee Relph)

    Congratulations to all of the winners and big thanks to Brenda Wheatley for organising the whole event and John and Ann Epton for the video presentation of the nominees.

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