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  Well, actually it is only a part practical evening but we promise you that everything is completely congruent. In a two part session, we shall first have a “making of” presentation from John Epton, Sam Brown and Barbara Walker, talking us through the filming of Barbara’s award winning comedy Commute, which featured some nifty […]

OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday March 31st 2015

Yes it is another project evening this time devoted to an old favourite – the Green Screen! We’ve had some fun before exploring the wonders of filming before a green screen and messing about with fun backgrounds and other aspects this technique affords us to great effect so this night shouldn’t be any different. Unfortunately I cannot […]

Green With Envy

A Personal Review of The Green Screen Practical Evening. When it was suggested that another session with the club’s green screen was due Chris quickly volunteered to organize the requisite practical evening. Never one to shy away from a challenge he decided to put on a demonstration of the use of green screen AND show […]