OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday March 31st 2015


Yes it is another project evening this time devoted to an old favourite – the Green Screen!

We’ve had some fun before exploring the wonders of filming before a green screen and messing about with fun backgrounds and other aspects this technique affords us to great effect so this night shouldn’t be any different.

Unfortunately I cannot give you any more information about what to expect as our Vice Chairman Sam “Choo Choo” Brown, who is organising the activities for the evening, hasn’t passed any details on to me. All I do know is that we are hoping to make a film in this evening or something we can put towards a possibly entry for the North vs South competition.

Just a reminder that, like the Oscars on the 17th, this meeting will be held once again at All Saints Church in Orpington.

Whatever Sam has in store for us it should be an eventful and hopefully productive evening!

3 Replies to “OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday March 31st 2015”

  1. Looking forward to it already, especially as I can have a free evening. I am asssuming the projector etc. will not be required!

  2. Where were you all? Those few of us who turned up had a good evening, mainly thanks to Sam who had it well prepared. I can’t wait to see how groups of three are going to turn into a crowd thanks to the green screen!

    1. Maybe club members like to know in advance what is happening on nights like this. 😉

      Can’t blame me as I wasnt given any info to post! 😛

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