Special Coaching Evening April 21st 2015

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Coaching Evening 21st April 2015

On this extra Tuesday evening we are being visited by John Mills and Alan Butcher all the way from Surrey Borders Movie Makers based in Farnham. Do have a look at their entertaining web site for an interesting description of their large club’s activities (www.surreyborder.org.uk).

Their presentation is to promote the basic route for the capture of images and video, transferring to a computer, safe storage and what next to do with the material. This will cover a variety of cameras, editing and, finally, burning to disks. There will be time for your questions and if possible a look into the future for us enthusiasts.

Obviously this is not intended to be an in depth tutorial. Whilst this evening is primarily designed for possible newcomers to our ranks, I’m sure that there will be something for everyone to gain from it. We know that there will be some interested visitors in our audience, so make sure that you all make the effort to chat with them. Only by feeling comfortable in our club will they ever be likely to join us.

Please come along and show your appreciation of  John and Alan’s volunteering to help us as part of our recruiting drive.

And DO wear your name badges!


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  1. Very informative and a bit of an eye opener to many I am sure. Not as easy as the guys made it appear! I tried using iPhone and iPad to make a short film and it was easy to shoot but I had trouble making a DVD from the saved file. Probably just my lack of keeping up to date but good fun so it was worth it.

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