OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday April 14th 2015 – The AGM



After a few weeks of meetings held at a change of venue we are back at our regular haunt of St Augustine’s for the OVFM AGM 2015.

This is one of the most important nights in our club meeting calendar as it is the night where not only do we elect our committee but YOU get the chance to have your voice heard and  make suggestions for what you want to see happen in our club for the next year to come.

First, the election of the Committee and as you all should know by now, yours truly has stepped down from the Committee so there is one guaranteed new place available for anyone to step up and fill, providing you have a nomination or second from another club member.

Of course ALL other committee members will be standing for re-election so, with all roles temporarily vacated while the votes are considered, meaning we could see a complete change in the line-up if anyone else wishes to stand as Chairman or Competition Officer or as an ordinary member.

The Committee as it currently stands is:


Chairman – Simon Earwicker

Vice Chairman – Sam Brown

Treasurer – David Laker

Secretary – Freddy Beard

Competitions Officer – Brenda Wheatley

Ordinary Members:

Reg Lancaster

Annabelle Lancaster

Ian Menage

Andy Watson


*NB: Mike Shaw is our Press officer but is not a committee member as per the new rule added to the constitution in an EGM in 2013.

The second portion of the evening is Member’s Voices where all club members are given a platform to air their grievances, concerns, ask questions or make suggestions on how to improve club matters, meetings and other facets in the OVFM universe. We also will be canvassing for your suggestions for club evenings and club projects so please get your thinking caps on and see what wonderful and creative ideas you can supply us with to make 2015 a memorable, eventful and productive year for OVFM!

If you haven’t already got one, a copy of the Agenda can be downloaded HERE.

Remember without the club members there is no club so please be there on Tuesday for the AGM and make your voice heard.

3 Replies to “OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday April 14th 2015 – The AGM”

  1. Another AGM is in the books.

    Congrats to Roger Wheatley who was voted in as our newest committee member last night, joining the rest of the Legion of Doom who were all once again accepted into their respective positions by a unanimous vote.

    A reminder that we also need a press officer and volunteers to head up the two sub committee groups Simon proposed last night too.

  2. Hi Lee, As you have escaped from the committee how about you heading the sub committee to make Drama films?

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