New OVFM Project – Close Shave



Hello again and here we are with another exciting film project for you to participate in.

The subject this time is “Close Shave” which sounds like a very fertile premise for a short film. As ever, how this is interpreted is down to you – you can make a thriller, a horror, a slapstick comedy or your own version of Sweeney Todd – so let your imaginations run wild and flex those creative muscles!

Remember this can be a solo endeavour or a group effort, so if you only have an idea or a story there is bound to be someone else within the club who would be willing help you out on the practical and technical front.; conversely if you have the camera and equipment but no story idea, why not see if someone has one you can help out with?

Whatever you choose to do, we look forward to seeing what you come up when we screen your films at the club meeting on TUESDAY APRIL 28th 

Thanks for reading, good luck to all who participate and we look forward to seeing the fruits of your labours on the 28th of April!

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  1. As ever, it would be useful to know if you will have a film to present and the length of it.

    For starters, I have one about 3 minutes

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