OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday April 28th 2015


It’s club meeting time again and this week we will be looking at the fruits of your labours under the banner of our latest project “A Close Shave”!

In case you missed the announcement you can find it along with all the details HERE.

If you have a film ready or maybe you have one in your archives that might be applicable to the topic then we ask that you please let us know by replying either to this post or to the announcement post confirming this as well as stating the length of your film, as it is of huge help to our projectionist, to know how many films we have and whether we can allot time for possible discussion after each film.

And don’t forget that we can now screen films on Blu-ray format so if you want your work to be appreciated in HD now you can! 🙂

Project evenings often bring out the best in of club members and this one should hopefully prove to be no exception.

See you on Tuesday!

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5 Replies to “OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday April 28th 2015”

  1. Cherie and myself hope to be there, I have a short video shot on my iPhone and iPad and edited on the iPad. Not very good but it’s only 3min 28 seconds in length so not too long to suffer! Blame it on the guys from Surrey Border! Their presentation on Tuesday prompted me to try. Great evening! Thanks to all concerned.

  2. Last night we in fact had seven films in response to our project theme “A Close Shave” and two bonus films for the second half of the evening.

    Kicking off the project part of the night was Alan Smith’s “A Close Shave”, a film he recorded on his iPhone and edited on an iPad.

    Next the Eptons brought us “Canal Open Day” in which the re-opening of a local canal nearly ended in disaster!

    Two films from the Kemsing Mafia next as Barbara “Cakes” Darby took “A WaLk on The Wild Side” with some wild rhinos followed by Jim Morten-Roberton’s lucky escape from an “Elephant Attack”.

    Our projectionist Andy “Elementary My Dear” Watson tried to lead us into a sing song with his sheep-shearing film “Click, Click, Click”.

    Reg “Bomber” Lancaster dug deep into his archives to bring us a tale concerning the perils of “London Traffic” before Jim M-R closed this part of the evening off with a mad dash to “Heathrow Terminal 5”.

    After the tea break, we had time for two bonus films, the first being the results of the recent film In An Evening project, entitled “In The Dark”.

    Rounding off the evening was an eye-opening documentary from France which Andy picked up at the recent BIAFF show. L’ami de Luc by Daniel Caracci featured a disabled man Luc, who explains the plight of how he perceived in society, despite being qualified and perfectly able to do his job.

    A poignant and humbling way to close the evening.

    Thanks to everyone who submitted a film last night!

  3. Yes indeed! And thanks to all who submitted a film. An interesting variety. Special thanks to John Greengrass who actually made the effort to make something of the ‘Film in a night’ night. puts the rest of us to shame!

    Thanks to all who commented on the l’ami de Luc film, I wasn’t sure if it would be appreciated.

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