Well, actually it is only a part practical evening but we promise you that everything is completely congruent.

In a two part session, we shall first have a “making of” presentation from John Epton, Sam Brown and Barbara Walker, talking us through the filming of Barbara’s award winning comedy Commute, which featured some nifty green screen work to create the illusion of being on a train.

The second part is where we get practical, cracking out the green screen to go into depth a little more about using this technique and applying it into a little bit of filming to give everyone a first hand experience of seeing it in practice.

It’s been a while since we did some practical green screen filming at a club meeting (six years if memory serves me correctly), so make sure you are there on Tuesday to see how it is done and get involved yourself!

3 Replies to “OVFM CLUB MEETING TUESDAY MAY 16th 2017”

  1. Well, the evening really seemed to go with a buzz.
    I am sure that we would all be interested in seeing your footage so why not upload it to the OVFM fileserver.
    Check out the tutorial prepared by Mike Shaw to get you started with FileZilla.

    I have created a ‘To Everyone’ folder and within that there is a folder called ‘Green Screen Raw Footage’.
    If you upload your clips there, everyone will be able to download them.
    I suggest that we have a follow up session in a month or so, so that you can raise any issues you come across when trying to use your Chroma Key options. If there is sufficient interest, I am sure we can organise a practical session looking at the software side of Green Screen work rather than just the filming aspects.

    1. As John says, there was a real buzz last night with lots of people appearing to use their cameras.
      Having been a bit ‘stuck’ at the back with the teas and coffees I for one would love to see the results, so please do upload them to the file server.
      Maybe there’s another editing exercise in there!
      Many, many thanks to Jane, Barbara, Sam, John and their helpers for such an interesting evening.

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