Stop Press – OVFM Hits The Headlines!




Some of you may not know that aside from being Mrs. Club President and an aspiring cage fighter, Annabelle Lancaster is also OVFM’s press officer. This past week Annabelle scored a coup for the club by getting us featured in three different local publications with a feature on our recent “Green Screen” practical evening. Along with photos from Simon “Snapper” Earwicker, Annabelle’s feature appeared in no less august publications as News Shopper:

Bromley/Orpington Times:

Bromley Borough News:

Kudos to Annabelle for getting the club’s name out there to the general public. For anyone who missed the evening in question you can read Simon’s article about it HERE

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  1. Well done Annabelle. Hope you’ve got in mind a much bigger venue for our future engagements as the flood gates open and then maybe we will have to meet every week to accommodate all the films!

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