This coming Tuesday we are back in our old haunt of the Barnard Rooms for our first in-person meeting for a while, as we jump into our time machine and take a trip into the past for a look into the OVFM archives!


The evening will be split into two halves – the first features films chosen by Brian Pfeiffer, so expect to see films set abroad and in far off locations, whilst Brian also has an update on his granddaughter who works at a wildlife conservation in South Africa.


For the second half, David Laker has been digging deep and found a few films that haven’t seen the light of day for many years, and some have never even been shown at any of our annual film shows! For some of our longer standing members this will be a trip down memory lane whilst our newer members will be given a chance to see what Orpington looked like 30+ years ago and just how far we have come as filmmakers and editors as well as the equipment we use and the stories we tell!


A reminder that COVID precautions will be in effect so feel free to wear a mask and note that there may not be a full tea break but basic refreshments will be on hand on and a quick “comfort break” will be permitted.


We hope to see as many of you a possible for this delve into the archives for a fun and rewarding retrospective evening.



For our first meeting of November we take another wander down memory lane to visit some old friends that reside within the OVFM archive, which has recently been updated by our archivist Andy Watson. Be sure to check the listings in the Members Only section (make sure you are logged in) to discover what is new there.

Unfortunately I don’t have any information to hand as to what this evening will entail, other than the programme is being curated and hosted by Sam Brown and Ron Williams. I suppose that makes this night a bit of a mystery so if you like to be surprised then come along on Tuesday evening and see what treats from yesteryear will be resurrected for our entertainment.

*EDIT**– After this original post, I received word that the programme will be split into two parts: one comprising of Sam’s picks from the archive and one comprising of Ron’s, with his selection spanning 1986-2011. 



For this week’s meeting we delve once more into the extensive OVFM archive to explore some of the fondly remember or long forgotten gems made during the club’s 60 year existence.

On this occasion, we have a set criteria for the selection of films that can be requested for viewing during this session. The above subtitle for this evening was inspired by the recent losses to OVFM of some of more prolific filmmakers and active club members, and it was felt that we should pay tribute to our fallen friends in the most appropriate way a film club can – by remembering them through their films.

So, club members are encouraged to take a look through our FILM ARCHIVES LISTINGS (this is in the private section so make sure you are logged in to access them) and pick out a film one of our departed members you’d like to see again, and please email your suggestion to our archivist Andy Watson.

Just a reminder of the some of the names you can seek out and choose films from or featuring an appearance by:












Hopefully older club members will also be able to nominate films and filmmakers dating back to the old OCS days way before I joined that I never knew.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to remember and celebrate the works of the many club members now gone whose contributions have kept OVFM alive for 60 years.

Thanks for reading and see you on Tuesday.



As you may already be aware by now, the future of the annual North vs. South competition is in doubt after OVFM relinquished the job of running the event and, at the time of posting, there has no been response from other clubs to pick up the mantle. However it has been decide that instead of letting the opportunity pass us by, should there be an 11th hour saviour, OVFM will make a club film to fulfil the chosen topic for the NvS competition, as well a give us a project the whole club can work together on.

The theme is “Moving” and somewhat ironically we shall be “moving” away from the usual brainstorming format which is part of the programme for the next club meeting this coming Tuesday. Dividing the evening into two parts, the first will be the brainstorming session.

Ensuring that everyone is given a chance to be involved and not just left to the same few faces, we will break into small groups to share our ideas for the theme “Moving”.  Each group will then decide on the idea that would be best suited to the theme that they could make into a short film for showing on the club meeting at a future date (do check back on the club calendar for updates).

Don’t be discouraged if your idea isn’t taken up by your group, there’s nothing to stop you making a film of your own if you so desire – in fact, the more the merrier!  This exercise should ultimately provide us with a variety of films that could also be entered into various other external and IAC related film competitions beyond the N v S, should it be resurrected by another club.

In the second part of the evening we will watch some films from the OVFM archives that fit the theme “Moving” as possible entries to the competition along with of newer efforts to get the numbers up.

So get your thinking caps on and bring your ideas for the them of “Moving” to the club meeting on Tuesday!

So come along and enjoy.



For our next club meeting we once again hand the floor over to an outsider to delight us with handy hints, anecdotes or films from their own catalogue, although our guest speaker on this occasion is hardly that.


Tim Jones is a former OVFM member, now Senior Lecturer Christ Church College Canterbury in the Film and TV Department. He is also known to many as the son of our longest serving club member Colin “Colin” Jones, just in case you hadn’t spotted the connection already (you’re welcome, Colin). Tim has made many films over the years covering every genre and style, but has proven particularly adept at stop motion animation films.

For this session Tim will be presenting a programme entitled Amateur Film and Local History. 

Among the films being screened will be one of Tim’s own works Seeking Sydney, alongside a selection of amateur films made in the Canterbury area over the years. Keeping things a bit more local will be a film shot at Crofton Junior School in Petts Wood in 1954, which should prove fascinating in depicting the changes over the past 63 years.

That’s all to look forward this coming Tuesday evening!




Believe it or not we haven’t had a dedicated archive evening since June 24th 2014! There have been a couple of club meetings in between then where the archive helped fill in some time when the allotted films had only taken up half of the meeting but this will be the first time  in nearly two and half years where the sole programme will be compiled from films found in our extensive vault of gems from yesteryear.

However this also gives YOU the chance to dictate what we see on this evening as we are once again extending the opportunity to you to trawl the archive HERE (this is in the members’ section so be sure you are logged in to access it), pick a film you’d like to see and lets us know (time permitting of course)! It’s that simple.

Our regular projectionist Andy “Elementary My Dear” Watson has already sent out an e-mail to everyone giving you advance notice of this but he has decided to swan off on holiday rather than run the show, so he has left that to David “Offshore Account” Laker instead. So please send your requests to David via e-mail or by replying to this post below, no later than Sunday November 6th to give David some time to source the films and put the programme together.

Thanks for reading and see you next Tuesday!

OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday June 24th 2014


Once again we devote an evening to the wonders that lay tucked away in the club archive.

Hopefully you’ve all had a look through the current archive lists (in the members’ only section) and sent your request to Andy “Elementary My Dear” Watson and picked the films made by OVFM members past and present that you wish to see again.

I personally have nominated our North vs South entry from last year “Power Corrupts” since it has never been shown to the club before. Since most of us all sweated away a few stone during its making last summer I think we should see the fruits of our labours, don’t you (even if it didn’t win)? 😉

Andy won’t be with us on Tuesday as he’l be watching the World Cup instead but he has agreed to compile a programme for us based on our requests so if you haven’t done so already please, have a quick trawl through the archive lists and send Andy your choice to him ASAP! *

OVFM archive evenings are always a rich source of interest from both a technical and historical point of view, so I hope you will forgo watching a bunch of overpaid, illiterate, thuggish prima donnas kicking a bit of leather about to join us for what promises to be an entertaining evening!


As you can see from Andy’s reply below the deadline has now expired for making requests so if you missed out, please don’t contact Andy but do keep it in mind for our next archive session! Thanks!

British Film Council Comp – Then & Now


Hello all

This BBC news story about how archived footage of Britain from the 30’s and 40’s has been updated for online use caught my eye along with the link to a competition being held by the British Film Council which you can read about HERE.

The idea is to make a film (no more than 3 minuets) using their archive footage to create a “then and now” look at Britain.

I figured this might be a fun opportunity for OVFM members who are able, to participate in. If not how about adopting the theme for your own film for the Top 10 or as a general film project?

Over to you! 🙂


OVFM Spring Show 2014



OVFM Spring Show 2014


We’ve reached that time of year again when OVFM invites our members, their families and guests from outside the club to join us in celebrating the days getting brighter, the weather is getting warmer and the trees and plants in bloom once again. As ever we will be to marking this occasion by sharing with everyone the best of the many films made over the past twelve months along with a few gems from the archive. We shall also be taking a look back over the events of 2103 in the annual Newsreel!

As ever refreshments will be on hand as well as our raffle where great prizes can be won!

The 2014 Spring Show will take place on FRIDAY 21st March at 7.30 pm

VENUE – Methodist Church, 19 Sevenoaks Road, Orpington BR6 9JH


WEBSITE – http://www.orpingtonmethodist.org.uk/welcome.htm

Club members get in free but for others the tickets are £5 – which includes refreshments – and are available from our secretary Freddy Beard on 01689 813616 .

A poster for the event can be downloaded (for best printing results) from HERE (right click on the image then select “Save Image As”) so please print a copy off and spread the word around your neighbourhood!

For an entertaining and sociable evening of drama, comedy, documentary, music, travelogue and more get your tickets a.s.a.p. and bring along your friends and family!

See you then!

OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday November 26th 2013




Once again we give you the OVFM club members the opportunity to look back on the fifty years of films in the club archive and relive some of those moments from yesteryear. With such a time span of material to behold there is a wealth of footage not been seen by many club members (especially us newbies) while others will simply want to reminisce about former club members and their films, which will assuredly bring back fond memories of them and of making the films with them.

In order to have a programme for this evening we need YOUR input so please take a look at the archive (found in the Member’s Only Section, top right in the menu bar above – make sure you are logged in first) and select the films YOU want to see on Tuesday and please e-mail your choices to David Laker – otherwise it is going to be a VERY short club meeting !

Thanks and see you there!