OVFM Conquers Kent Film Festival 2013!!


OVFM Conquers Kent Film Festival 2013!!


Mike Shaw

Members of Orpington Video & Film Makers collected three major trophies and a commendation at the prestigious Kent Film Festival (held Saturday 28th September, in Canterbury).  The winning films were ‘Steam and Smoke’ (Best Photography) by Sam Brown, ‘Village Mosaic’ (Kent Award) by Barbara Darby,  ‘Enid Blyton – the Beckenham Years’ (Best Documentary) by Mike Shaw and Footprint Productions, and ‘Eastbourne ‘ (Commendation) by Mike & Jo Coad.

And the winners are....
And the winners are….


Congratulations to all the winners!

Kent Film Festival 2013



The 39th annual Kent Film Festival takes place on Saturday 28th September 2013 at Christ Church University, in Canterbury, Kent.

OVFM played a major part in the festival as our very own Mike Turner was chairman of the event for many years before his sad passing last year. In 2012 we also made our mark on the results front by bagging four top award (including Best Film for Bob Vine’s “Eco”) and three commendations. can we do the same this year?

Entry forms can be downloaded HERE but please note that the last day of submission is Saturday July 27th

For further information on this event please visit the Kent Film Festival website HERE.

Thanks for reading and good luck to all those who enter.

Rob Knox Film Festival 2012 Report



Rob Knox Film Festival 2012 Report


Charlie Caseley


This years Rob Knox Film Festival was for me as good as it gets. The entries were first class, and that included those entries that did not make the final show at the Cineworld, because a number of films are shown around the Borough of Bexley at venues such as schools and church halls.

This situation is different from most festivals we attend, Kent and the SERIAC for instance the films are shown in one location, in fact the only festivals that would have their movies shown on a number of screens would possibly be BIAFF and UNICA, but even then it would be in one building. Nellie and I went to one of the preliminary screenings and saw Eco, a Borderline film we had seen at BIAFF and SERIC, and a movie made by a fifteen year old lad that we had seen at BIAFF in a group of films made by young people that was introduced by our very own Sam Brown.

On the final night at the Cineworld Reg and Annabelle, Freddie and some members from Shooters Hill came along with Nellie and I and enjoyed a feast of not just good films but outstanding films. The winning movie was a Russian entry called Ambitious. I have changed my opinion of Russians being completely with out humour this film did not need subtitles to make you laugh, a joy to watch.

In addition to the shows there was the masterclasses hosted by people from the film industry and I am pleased a number of local film makers took advantage of them.

OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday Jan 31st 2012

You Be The Judge II

This Time It’s Personal!


Remember last year when Reg “Bomber” Lancaster presented us with a selection of films from BIAFF which we then judged and compared our scores with those of the official judges? You don’t? Ah, I can’t really blame you for wiping it from your memories.


Well, for this week’s club meeting young Reginald and his long suffering assistant Lady Annabelle have decided to subject us to a second round of already judged films to be judged again. This time the selection comes from the UK submissions for the annual UNICA (Union internationale du cinéma) film competition. As the name suggests (although someone should explain to the French how acronyms work), the UNICA festival is a film competition held in a different country each year with an international line-up of entries. The 2012 competition – the 74th – will be held in Ruse which, unless it has been misplaced or has left home, is in Bulgaria and will run from August 25th to September 1st. If you are interested then more info can be found HERE.


The films Reg will subject to OVFM scrutiny have been awarded Diploma, Bronze, Silver or Gold prizes and our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to decide which film won which award. Sounds easy right? Well, as I understand it, Reg has promised to set fire to anyone who gets them wrong so I guess we’ll have to take this seriously after all.


Now, I usually post a link to a website for further information but if I do that someone of you *might* be tempted to take a sneak peek at the results of the previous years ahead of this week’s meeting. I’m not saying any of you *would* but some of you *might*.


So, that’s what is in store for us on Tuesday. See you there?

Kent Film Festival 2011 Results

Kent Film Festival 2011 Results

by Mike Turner


As Chairman of the Kent Film Festival, I was delighted that so many OVFM members attended this event and I would like to thank you for your support especially if you also entered a film

We always try to show as many films as possible and this year we projected 70% of all entries. It could have been a few more but my co-presenter, who shall be nameless, hit the wrong item on the computer screen resulting in the large silver screen disappearing into the ceiling of the theatre. Fortunately, order was quickly restored and the audience appeared to be highly entertained by this unexpected event.

The trophy for the best film in the festival was won by Spring Park Film Makers with their film “Unfounded Rumours” about the development and demise of the Dunton Green to Westerham Railway. OVFM also had winners as follows:-


Best One Minute Film: Garden Tips by Colin Jones

Best Documentary: Finnish Foibles by Reg Lancaster

Best Editing: Engine Turning by Barbara Darby

Best “Other”: Dungeness by Mike Coad

Best Kent Subject: The New Romney Story by Gwen and Alan Whippy

Commended Certificate: Connoisseur by Barbara Walker.


Congratulations to all the winners!


Why not join us for Kent Film Festival 2012 for a fun day and you may even win a trophy!!


More information is available on the Kent Film Festival website HERE


Mike Turner

Frome Five Minute Festival

Hi All,
As always, it was a most enjoyable event with an excellent turnout. There were 39 films entered and as is Frome’s policy, all 39 were shown. This was down on last year’s total of 47 so we got out before midnight this time.

Quite a number of natural history and wildlife films but surprisingly few comedies. We will keep you in suspense until the next meeting as to how well or not OVFM did but it was great to meet up with Robin and Brenda Hazelton again and to find out that since moving from Orpington and starting up what is now Tiverton Camcorder Club, that they are doing so well. The club is very active in the area and has 25 members, one of whom won the top prize at the Frome 5 Minute Festival as well as recently winning the Penny Cup and the Vision on Festival, both regional competitions with the same film.

The buffet was fantastic as always and I’m sure helps to swell audience numbers..They charge just £2 admission and all the food and drink is free. Can’t be bad! They even provide tea or coffee on arrival.

Frome are putting on their first ever public show at a theatre in the town in May and that is also free to attend.

We finally got home about 2.45am after a most enjoyable evening. At least the roads were clear!