Frome Five Minute Festival

Hi All,
As always, it was a most enjoyable event with an excellent turnout. There were 39 films entered and as is Frome’s policy, all 39 were shown. This was down on last year’s total of 47 so we got out before midnight this time.

Quite a number of natural history and wildlife films but surprisingly few comedies. We will keep you in suspense until the next meeting as to how well or not OVFM did but it was great to meet up with Robin and Brenda Hazelton again and to find out that since moving from Orpington and starting up what is now Tiverton Camcorder Club, that they are doing so well. The club is very active in the area and has 25 members, one of whom won the top prize at the Frome 5 Minute Festival as well as recently winning the Penny Cup and the Vision on Festival, both regional competitions with the same film.

The buffet was fantastic as always and I’m sure helps to swell audience numbers..They charge just £2 admission and all the food and drink is free. Can’t be bad! They even provide tea or coffee on arrival.

Frome are putting on their first ever public show at a theatre in the town in May and that is also free to attend.

We finally got home about 2.45am after a most enjoyable evening. At least the roads were clear!




TOP TEN 2010

Final scores – a total of 21 Entries

“Otford Pond” by Barbara Darby           55.69

“Finnish Foibles” by Reg Lancaster        55.60

“Plane,Train and Automobile” by Hugh Darrington         54.79

“Art & Design in fabric” by Jim M-Robertson     52.00

“Greenland Ice Cold Beauty” by Brian Phieffer  51.93

“South Foreland” by Harold Trill         51.88

Welcome to Sydney Aquarium” by Jane Oliver 51.07

“Narrow miss” by John & Ann Epton   50.88

“Writers Block” by Lee Relph               49.98

“About YouTube” by Chris Coulson      47.93

“Miles apart where two rivers meet” by Pat Palmer      49.88

“Alexandra’s Story” by Mike Coad       49.21

“It sure beats the Lord Mayor’s Show” by David Laker            49.15

“Touch Down” by Colin Jones                49.13

“Go to Gdansk” by Annabelle Lancaster49.08

“Yakety Yak” by Ann Perrin                   48.49

“Cows” by Simon Earwicker                   47.79

“Cranford” by Bob Wyeth                     43.40

“Bromley Mayor’s awards” by Derek Allen            42.82

“A day of Knights” by Alan Hamlet-Smith           40.55

“A Wedding in Cyprus” by Susan Ward    39.78


Scores for the Vic Treen, Kath Jones and Mike Turner plates are worked out by giving 5 points for a 1st place, 3 points for a second place and 1 point for a 3rd place.


Vic Treen Cup (Best film cut to music)


Helicopter over the Grand Canyon by John Robertson  1

Guitar Solos by Chris Coulson          27

Autumn to Music by Bob Weyth     34

Lollipop by Jane Oliver                      115

Sweet surprise by Barbara Darby   50

Moon Song by Simon Earwicker       35

Dungeness by Mike Coad                   143

He’s the one by Pat Palmer              5

Rosario by Pat Palmer                       2


Kath Jones Cup (Best joke film)

Pleasure Seekers by Mike Turner  218

Out for the count by Tony Fallow 126

Charlie and George by Derek Allen            70


Mike Turner Plate (Best film under 1 minute)


Rocks in Australia by Barbara Darby        18

All in a days work by Derek Allen   29

Crowning Glories by Pat Palmer         44

Get rich quick by Basil Doody           43

Faces of Asia by Mike Coad              62

I’m a BMW get me out of here by Jane Oliver    58


The Oscars

It was great to see so many people at “Oscar Night”. Didn’t our Chairman look good in his dress suit?

Congratulations to all the winners and commiserations to everyone else that entered all the competitions but didn’t quite make first place. Without your entries there would be no competition and probably no OVFM.I hope that you all enjoyed making your films as much as we enjoyed watching them, maybe next year you will be the winner. During the last year 26 members made films which they entered in the competitions, let’s hope that next year we will have even more people making films.

The judge’s comments for the Annual Competition are on the club notice board if anyone would like to read them. I have given all entrants copies of all the competition results and any comments relating to their films. All the competition results are included with this viewfinder for anyone who didn’t enter but is interested in the results .Don’t forget the next project is “My other hobby” on 29th March.


Raasay Trophy (Best film in no special category)

Winner           “Yakety Yak” by Ann Perrin

Alice Howe Trophy (Best Documentary)

Winner “Finnish Foibles” by Reg Lancaster

Vincent Pons Sheild (Best Fiction)

Winner           “Writers Block” by Lee Relph

Reg Lancaster Trophy (Funniest Film)

Winner “When Freya met Teego” by Chris Coulson

Jubilee Shield (Best film under 5 minutes)

Winner“Narrow Miss” by John & Ann Epton

Priory Trophy (Best Editing)

Winner “Writers Block” by Lee Relph

Rene Morris Penguin Plate (Best Photography)

Winner            “ABO Darby Creation” by Barbara Darby

Heyfield Trophy (BestSound)

Winner “Finnish Foibles” by Reg Lancaster

Orpington Trophy (Runner up to best film in Annual Competition)

Winner “Finnish Foibles” by Reg Lancaster

Ian Dunbar Cup (Best film in Annual Competition)

Winner           “Writers Block” by Lee Relph