Rob Knox Film Festival 2012 Report



Rob Knox Film Festival 2012 Report


Charlie Caseley


This years Rob Knox Film Festival was for me as good as it gets. The entries were first class, and that included those entries that did not make the final show at the Cineworld, because a number of films are shown around the Borough of Bexley at venues such as schools and church halls.

This situation is different from most festivals we attend, Kent and the SERIAC for instance the films are shown in one location, in fact the only festivals that would have their movies shown on a number of screens would possibly be BIAFF and UNICA, but even then it would be in one building. Nellie and I went to one of the preliminary screenings and saw Eco, a Borderline film we had seen at BIAFF and SERIC, and a movie made by a fifteen year old lad that we had seen at BIAFF in a group of films made by young people that was introduced by our very own Sam Brown.

On the final night at the Cineworld Reg and Annabelle, Freddie and some members from Shooters Hill came along with Nellie and I and enjoyed a feast of not just good films but outstanding films. The winning movie was a Russian entry called Ambitious. I have changed my opinion of Russians being completely with out humour this film did not need subtitles to make you laugh, a joy to watch.

In addition to the shows there was the masterclasses hosted by people from the film industry and I am pleased a number of local film makers took advantage of them.