Now we are up and running again (sort of) it is time to get down to the serious business of our club competitions and that of course means the TOP TEN, and the first round is this Tuesday!

Obviously this was suspended in 2020 due to something or other but it is back and we hope you are all raring to go with the films you have made with all that time on your hands over the post 18 months! Everything you need to know about this year’s competition can be found HERE.

Last year’s big winner was Mandy Carr who not only won the Top Ten but just about every other award at the Oscars too. Wil she make it two in a row or will Barbara Darby reclaim her crown as Miss Top Ten? Only one way to find out!

However, with many club members still a little hesitant or unable to venture out from their homes and with winter practically here, we understand that attendance in the Barnyard Rooms will be affected but we do encourage as many of you as possible to attend in person.

Because a small audience will also effect the voting of the Top Ten and other competitions leaving us with a score that won’t be truly representative of a film’s quality or merits, we have a contingency plan. To wit:

On the day after the meeting, the films from each round will be uploaded to Vimeo and put into a Showcase, the link for which absent club members will receive via email, along with a link to the online voting form, which will be hosted via Google Docs. These films can then be viewed in the comfort of your own homes but there will be a SEVEN DAY time limit to watch them and submit your forms, after which the links and access to the films will expire.

We made a number of contacts at the Public Zoom Meeting on October 15th and some of these may attend the Top Ten meeting, so it would be good if as many club members as possible are present in the Barnard Room to greet them on Tuesday! If we create a good enough, lasting impression this may result in new members for the club. So let’s all be there with our best welcoming smiles at the ready!

If you are due to show a film on November 16th or have one that should have been shown during this round but wasn’t ready, please let David Roman-Holliday know about your entry as soon as possible.

NB: Due to issues with the kitchen at the Barnard Rooms, there will unfortunately be NO REFRESHMENTS available. If attending members require (non-alcoholic) drinks, they are advised to bring their own to the meeting.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing a many of you as possible at the meeting in person on Tuesday evening!


  1. We ended up with 18 people at the club last night for this first round of the Top 10 and as usual, there were some problems getting set up, a panic over missing scoring forms, films not playing, and an overrun. So, despite it being 2 years away, it was as if nothing changed!

    Four of the attendees last night were visitors coming along to see how awesome the club is so let’s hope we didn’t disappoint them.

    Five films were entered for the Top Ten, and those of you who weren’t there, you will get the chance to see the films yourself – or you may already have watched them depending on when you read this:

    Eye Of The Storm by Mandy Carr – A short drama about a boy living in a toxic household

    Lanzarote – A Different View by Brian Pfeiffer – Our resident globetrotter swims with the fishes (not Mafia style)

    Dancing In The Sun by Jane Oliver – A typically ambiguous title from Jane, featuring dance display filmed in Bromley whilst the sun was shining.

    End Of An Era by John & Ann Epton – Marking the retirement of the original owners of Alf’s Fruit and Veg stall in Orpington High Street.

    The Transformation Of The Knoll In Orpington by David Laker – Another look back into the history of Orpington.

    The second round is coming up in November so let’s hope not just for a higher number of entries but also a larger attendance in person from club members for that session!

  2. Sorry we could not be there but very much appreciated the way that the non attendees were included and enabled to take part in the event.

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