And so we enter the final stretch of 2019 with our last regular meeting of the year, the final round of our annual club competition films!

Offering club members a chance to test their creativity in three separate categories that pay tribute to past club members, this is one of the more unique and interesting challenges in our programme. As ever, the three prizes up for grabs are:


Kath Jones Cup – A joke film with a punchline no longer than 5 minutes in length.

Mike Turner Plate – A film on any subject or style no longer than 60 seconds in length.

Vic Treen Trophy – A film set to music


The rules for each of these can be found HERE which we ask you to adhere to, otherwise the subject matter of your film is entirely in your hands, and you can enter a film for one, two or all three categories.

Last year 15 entries submitted, just two below 2017’s record breaking total, but as we have seen the remits of three different categories usually ensures a healthy response from the collective creative hive of OVFM members.

Now the bit everyone seems to ignore – if you are bringing a film this week it would be very much appreciated if you could PLEASE REPLY TO THIS POST in the comments/reply section below, letting us know the following information:


Run time

Format (DVD, Blu-ray, USB Stick)

File Format and Resolution (MP4 -1080p etc)

Picture ratio (4:3 or 16:9)

Film Category


This is a great help for us when planning the evening out and helping things run smoothly so affording us this courtesy will help get you into Santa’s good books just in time Christmas.

Also, members are reminded to consider their entries to the Annual Competition. We hope the newly updated entry forms will have been approved by the Committee and ready to be handed out at this meeting, whilst the final date for entries is the first meeting of 2020, which is the Top Ten Final on January 7th.

Thanks for reading and good luck to all who enter a film/films.


  1. We will be bringing 3 films.

    Vic Treen Comp – to Music

    Birds. 1min 15sec. 16.9. .mp4 On Transfer drive

    Bromley Valley. 4min 38sec. 16.9 BluRay disc

    Mike Turner Plate 1min

    Bird Count. 1min. 16.9. .mp4. On transfer drive

  2. Hello Lee,
    I will be bringing a short film for the Vic Treen competition.
    It is called “Zoo 2019”
    Duration – 3 minutes approx.
    File – MP4 – on pen-drive
    Colin Jones

  3. I will be bringing a film for the Vic Treen comp.

    Title: Where East meets West
    Time: 4 mins 12 sec
    Format: MP4 16:9
    Media: USB stick


  4. I have a film from Jim MR
    film to music on stick 3min.
    sorry I haven’t managed one this time

  5. Sorry for the late entry, the latest video was rendering from resolve overnight.

    All on USB

    Vic Treen Trophy: Thailand Liveaboard
    2m 58s – mp4 – 16:9

    Mike Turner Plate: OVFM Timelapse test
    41s – mp4 – 16:9

    Kath Jones Cup: An Evening Left Alone – Question as this is a humorous piece without a specific punchline.
    2m 53s – mp4 – 16:9

  6. Sorry to come late to the party Lee, but I’m happy to enter a couple of films for tonight’s programme if there’s room.

    Vic Treen Trophy : ‘Clara Goes To Brighton’ 3.51 minutes – MP4 – 16.9

    Kath Jones Cup: ‘And Mama Came Along Too’ 2.39 minutes – MP4 – 16.9 (like David’s not specifically with punch line but a short comedy – does that count?)

    Both on data stick.

  7. Our final film screening session of the year saw a healthy response to one of the three competition categories, that being the Vic Treen Trophy, implying that setting films to music is easier than making joke films or keeping them short.

    But first there was the Mike Turner Plate to be contested with three films – “Bird Count” by The Eptons, “Time Lapse Test” by David Roman-Halliday and “Save Our Green Planet” by Jane Oliver.

    There were also three films for the Kath Jones Cup – “Improving Your Sex Life ” by Hugh Darrington (!), “Mama Came Along Too” by Mandy Carr and “An Evening Left Alone ” by David Roman-Halliday.

    So to the music based films of which there were ten in total – “Birds” by The Eptons, “The Watcher ” by me, “Remember” by Jim Morton-Robertson, “Thailand Live Aboard” by David Roman-Halliday, “Where East Meets West” by Graham Sinden, “Zoo 2019” by Colin Jones, “Legs In Motion” by John Bunce, “It’s Raining Again” by Supertramp fan Jane Oliver, “Clara Goes To Brighton” by Mandy Carr and “Bromley Valley Acro Event 2019 ” by The Eptons.

    Most interesting is the participation of or two newcomer David and Mandy, the former submitting a film in all three categories, putting many of our older members to shame who have been rather quiet of late.

    Still, there is always next year…

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