2019 is about to come to an end which means the last club meeting of the year is the annual Christmas Social, a once a year event that only happens every 12 months or every 365 days in old money.

For the benefit of our newcomers and a reminder for the rest of you, the social is still at the usual venue but takes place in the larger GARDEN ROOM, which can be accessed through the Barnyard Room if the doors are locked.

As ever there will be a buffet table and hopefully most of you have signed the list that was passed around at previous meetings to confirm what contributions you’ll be making to the food selection. Anything that isn’t eaten will be used for the traditional food fight at the end of the evening. Teas and coffees will be served as per normal but if you wish to bring something a little more kick to it then you are free to do so at your own discretion and expense.

There is usually some form of entertainment to keep everyone busy, often in the form of a game or quiz but the committee are keeping quiet about it so it is either a surprise, or there isn’t anything and you’ll have to talk to each other instead. Last year, someone brought Hungry Hippos with them and there was drama when one of the hippos escaped and held the caretaker hostage, so if you plan to bring something chose wisely as we don’t want a repeat of this incident.

Dressing up is optional as is the donning of festive attire but the important thing is everyone enjoys the evening – or not, it is entirely up to you.

Merry Christmas!