Coaching Evening April 8th

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As you know, I have tried to arrange something different each year, to test your reactions of interest, which is why these evenings have changed from around Christmas to now..

On 25th March at the first evening of this session Simon showed us the different basic aspects of lighting and how to use reflectors to improve shadows etc. Sam was a willing model and also a presenter. This could have run and run, but we then had Lee’s presentation of the Celtx free programme for screenplays etc. There was a good discussion on the pros and cons of it. Thanks to those who contributed and spent time on their presentations, very useful and entertaining. You can see Simon’s notes HERE an I urge you to at least glance through it.

The members who attended appreciated the evening, the rest of you missed it!

The next on April 8th will see Mike Shaw on an evening of Music – in films, moods and sources for us to use. Should be entertaining and I might even film it for posterity, or whatever we choose to call our Archives.

Then, on April 22nd we’ll try what we haven’t before and have four members demonstrating their editing and other programmes in the four corners of the hall, to only 3 or 4 members each, with questions and answers, as follows:

David Laker will be using Pinnacle Studio for those who want to see a basic demo in action;

John Epton will show multi cam editing on Serif MoviePlus, plus the very useful (and cheap) noise reduction software Music & Speech Cleaner. Why not bring along a troublesome audio on a USB stick and he could try to fix it? May also include Animations on Serif Draw Plus, if time allows

Andy Watson will also be using Serif;

I’ll show Edius and the stabilisation software Mercalli – bring some shaky clips!

Naturally, numbers are limited for this event (as they say for all the best raves), so let me know if you wish to come.

Ian Menage

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  1. I’ll be there!.

    I propose demonstrating how to correct sloping horizons -so water does not run uphill, re-sizing of pictures, reverse motion (both types!) and several other features possibly including Chroma Keying

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