Author: Simon

RAMBLE 18th August 2013

Hello All, it’s that time of year again! As always with Deborah and I the emphasis is on the social side of the ramble rather than the macho slog of it. This is not one for those wanting an iron man challenge, but if you do want nice views, nice company, a pub lunch and […]


Whoever it was who said that movie making is no walk in the park, no bed of roses, no drive down easy street, and no double cheese burger with extra fries and a side order of onion rings, was one VERY perceptive fella! Movie making is hell! It’s a walk on the wild side, it’s […]

Archive Night, 5th February

  With Lee, our glorious webmaster and esteemed Keeper of the Records, suffering with a severe dose of ‘Oh deary me I’m not feeling awfully well’ and an acute case of ‘Wretched fiddlesticks, I appear to have a pain’, it was down to the A Team to step in and save the day. Actually do […]

Oscar Night. The Picture Parade

You’ve pestered, you’ve begged, you’ve fretted, you’ve sweated. but in spite of all that I’m not going to be stopped! So Film Fans, I give you…THE OVFM OSCAR NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHS! Please! Thank you, settle down, mind what you’re doing with that monopod missus, where’s me wash board, I didn’t come here to get insulted…I could […]

Carry On Coaching…By Jove it’s the Rehearsal!

While Old Man Winter has been quietly cloaking itself in Spring’s mantle (fingers crossed) the Intelligentsia Juggernaut that is the OVFM Coaching Experience has been steadily rumbling onward towards it’s goal…like some giant, steady, rumbling thing. Monday 23rd January 2012 saw a crack team of keen film makers, actors, technical gurus, avid students of cinema […]

OVFM Goes Christmas Crackers

Deck the Hall with Betamax Tape trulla-la-la… Hark! Are those festive bells I hear a-jingling? It must be the OVFM Christmas Social. So let us raise our voices in a hearty Ho Ho Ho and welcome in the Yuletide Magix! (I mean magic of course, there’s no seedy product placement here, our Christmas is entirely […]

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