Blitz and Bananas Film Premiere…The Evidence

Roll Up Roll Up to the greatest show in Bromley

Snapping at the heels of Lee’s timely and comprehensive review of the Blitz and Bananas’ Premiere I am now ready to reveal in glorious colour my take on exactly what went on.

The Wonderful Dancers

Keep reading and I promise that later in this post you will see a Jitterbug, a Jive, several Jalopys and a certain Jasmine scented OVFM lady in uniform!

The Girls do a bit of Celeb spotting

Why, I hear you ask, did Lee manage to get his review up within hours of the show and yet it’s taken me well over a month to do the same?

A Jeep is Forever, not just Christmas

Well I can exclusively reveal here and now that there are a number of factors that you must take into consideration. Firstly age, some of us have more of it than others! Talent…ditto! And then of course there’s the small matter of the dog eating my homework!

Are you believing this? No. Okay I come clean, I have no excuse, I’m just slow I admit it, I’m sorry.

The Crowd Enjoy the Entertainment

Anyway now that I’ve got that off my chest and like they say confession is good for the soul, I think I should get on with showing you a few of the highlights of that momentous day in April.

Tin Hat at the Ready

To some of us it’ll be remembered as the ‘I don’t believe it!’ day. Obviously staging anything on April Fool’s Day is likely to cause confusion and incredulity in those of a cynical leaning.

Book the Churchill Theatre…I don’t believe it!

Sell it out…I don’t believe it!

Stage a second show and sell that out too…I don’t believe it!

But believe it or not it’s true, and not only that it was a resounding success too with our own Anna Littler and her loyal band of Bananites putting on an event that was entertaining and very enjoyable.

Cherie proves there’s something about a uniform!

From the parade of vintage cars to the period costumed dancers, from the glorious sunshine to the generous raffle prizes the Blitz and Bananas Experience was a great way to get in the swing for the main feature.

Where’s …Reggie?

On which Lee (curse his literatical ability) has already expounded with more eloquence and insight than is decent in one so young, but suffice to say Blitz and Bananas, the Film, was V, V, V filmfabulous!

Some of the folks who helped it happen

After the screening some of the many people who’d contributed to the success of the Premiere were cajoled onto the stage to take their applause like men, and there was a funny ‘behind the scenes’ short film and the grand drawing of the raffle…phew!

Never leave home without your gas mask

It was a great day.

Anna…I do believe it now!

ps. Jasmine scented? On reflection it may have been J’adore by Dior!!

Simon Earwicker