OVFM Rocks – Music Video Special!



Those of you who were present at the recent club meeting in which films for the Vic Treen Cup (a film set to music) were screened, will recall John Epton’s music video for The Gang Split Up.


John has taken our comments and feedback onboard and we no proudly present to you the finished version! So grab your leathers, jeans, biker helmets, throw up those Devil Horns and prepare to rock out! rock



7 Replies to “OVFM Rocks – Music Video Special!”

  1. Well done, John, you’ve made a great job of it.

    Well done to Lee for posting it so quickly (to prove I do look at and appreciate the website even if I don’t post many comments).


  2. Lee

    Thanks for setting this up.

    We did make some changes following the feedback from the meeting. Apart from other technical bits, we hopefully improved the sound by adding an ‘Enhance Male Voice’ effect from Media Composer and we also increased the speed by 2%. It seems like a small change but it certainly improved it. We tried 5% but that was way too much.

    Thanks for all your feedback.

  3. Not the type of film I would normally associate with the Epton Productions stable but very catchy nonetheless and the effects used matched the song very well. I look forward to the rap film next. Congratulations, John.

  4. Well done John. Most enjoyable, although not really my type of music. Some great ideas for effects which I hope to put to good use someday

    1. I like the addition of the short interview at the end John.
      I hope more club members will do posts like this in the future, so they can show off their more unusual films and make the OVFM website even more interesting to visit!

  5. Better late…… should log in more often!

    Liked this the first time at the Club John – but also appreciated the explanation of the DVD at the end.

    Days of our Youth etc

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