OVFM Club Meeting December 9th 2014


O come all ye faithful

To our Christmas Social

I’m sure it’ll be lots of fun

Then again maybe not.

And so as we wind down in the approach to the end of the year (hasn’t it gone quickly?) we at OVFM tend to mark the occasion with seasonal festivities of epic proportions.Well that’s the plan anyway – as ever we’ll just descend upon the Garden rooms, play a few games, hold a quiz  or two, stuff our faces then part ways for a month without so much as a good riddance!

If that sounds like your idea of fun then I assume you already have The Samaritans on speed dial. If not all club members are cordially invited to show their faces at this year’s bash to be held this coming Tuesday December 9th. The Legion of Doom has been busy coming up with ideas for the entertainment while Peggy will provide the buffet table (if we’re lucky this year we’ll have food too!) so you’ll be mad to miss out on what promises to be two hours of your life you’ll never want to remember.

Finally Brenda Wheatley will be handing out entry forms for the annual competition so if you have a film or two to enter then have a word with Brenda.

See you there!

3 Replies to “OVFM Club Meeting December 9th 2014”

  1. Well that was a fun evening!

    Thanks to everyone who contributed to the entertainment, be it the quizzes, mystery objects, Peggy & Freddy for the food and of course our star musical turn Cherie, with accompaniment from John “Rocker” Bunce and his mate Ray on the ukulele.

    Hope everyone enjoyed themselves and I’ll give you plenty of warning now that we’ll be doing it all again next year!

    1. Reg and I heartily agree with Lee.
      Many thanks to those members who organised all the fun. It brought lots of laughter, and got everybody mixing and chatting which is what our social evenings are all about.

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