North vs South 2014 Report



An audience of 62 people represented by 12 different clubs turned up at Farnborough Village Hall for the 2014 North v South Grand Final.

We were especially pleased to welcome members from Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers and Lowestoft Movie Makers who made the several hours journey to be with us. Also present was Romy Van Kreiken from Holland, a familiar face at IAC events.

An entertaining programme of 25 films were shown with a good mix of genres including Drama, Documentary, Comedy, Animation and One-Minute entries.

Our judges for the Final were Peter and Mary Rouillard from Guernsey who kindly stepped in at the last minute. The standard of entries was high this year and they had a difficult task in choosing a winner.

As usual, we ran our popular Audience Vote competition where they were asked to match the judge’s decision. Although the judges were asked to put the top 10 films in order of merit we asked the audience to only match the top 3, to give them a fighting chance. Nobody managed to do that but the person who got closest to the judge’s decision was Derek Hopcroft of Tonbridge Film Makers.

There was no ‘Guess the Theme’ competition this year. Instead, there was an audience poll to find out whether entrants would prefer the North v South to remain a ‘Set Theme’ competition or to be an ‘Open Subject’ competition. This followed suggestions by some clubs that they would prefer it to change to the latter. The results will be published in due course.


Here then are the results:-


Audience Result


1st       Imbuvable Feu  –  Altrincham Moviemakers   (North)

2nd     The Decision  –  Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers   (South)

3rd      Moving Oleta  – Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers   (South)


Official Result


1st    Imbuvable Feu  –  Altrincham Moviemakers  (North)

2nd  Moving Oleta  –  Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers   (South)

3rd   If Only – Staines Video Makers  (South)

4th   All A Bit Iffy –  Tynemouth Video Group  (North)

5th   The Decision –  Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers  (South)

6th   Meals Would Be Provided –  Nuneaton Moviemakers   (South)

7th   1066  – Spring Park Film Makers   (South)

8th   If Dreams Are Nothing More Than Wishes  –  Chesterfield Film Makers   (North)

9th   Decision Time   –  Coast Video Club  (North)

10th  Klaatu Borada Nikto  –  Chesterfield Film Makers  (North)


Congratulations to Altrincham Moviemakers for winning the John Wright Trophy and to Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers for winning the Harry Adams Trophy as runners-up. This being the 40th Anniversary of the competition, brings the total number of wins to 21 for the North and 19 for the South.

May I thank all the clubs who entered and attended for their support. We hope to see you again next year when the competition will be held on Sunday 6th December.

                                                                                                Mike Coad, Competition Officer,  OVFM.


2 Replies to “North vs South 2014 Report”

  1. Hi Mike
    I really enjoyed the extraordinary variety of films on view and the exceptionally high standard of many of them.
    OVFM’s contribution of ‘That’s Life’ was a club film edited and sprinkled with special effects magic by Mike Shaw. Short and fun, it didn’t win any prizes, but it was an entertaining and worthy addition to the programme. Nice job Mike.

    1. Thank you Simon but it was a team effort by many members and one or two non-members that made the day a success. My thanks to everyone involved.

      I too thought the films were of a very high standard this year and hopefully we will have a repeat high entry in 2015.

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