OVFM Project – LOCKDOWN SPECIAL – Challenges for May


LOCKDOWN SPECIAL – Challenges for May


Jane Oliver 


My challenge is for OVFM to make a club film ‘together’ during ‘lockdown’

To start things off, I thought we could take the principle of this film on Vimeo and each try to film an element of it a home,  in our own style.  It might just be cutting out a paper person, drawing a face, taking a photo of the dining room table or a TV, copying some clip art of musical notes, making a backdrop (we have some artists among our membership) etc.  If the music is a distraction turn it off, as the ‘editors’ can choose music that will go with the footage they receive.  It doesn’t have to be a film about love, the choice is yours.

It would be good if individuals would commit to one or more of the elements.  It doesn’t matter if many chose the same element.  We will need  members who specialise in animation and others in edit.  With footage shared, this could then be made into a number of films and we could vote on our favourite version  I’m sure there will be some comic ones in amongst them.  Someone might even want to write a script for us to follow.


To start the ball rolling I will commit to trying to make some matchstick men and faces showing different expressions.

Over to you!

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  1. All comments gratefully received even if they are negative, or if you are wanting to know what little part you can contribute to this. It doesn’t have to be in the form of this particular video, it could be one little figure dancing on an envelope, or even the lawn.

    Any background will do. Windowsill, mantle piece, table, picnic rug, kitchen top; a paving slab, a coffee table, a tray, anything really with a level base. Doesn’t even matter what is in the back ground.

    Figures can be hand drawn matchstick men, using paper, paper plates, cardboard or the like and pen, pencil, crayon or paintbrush. If you prefer, you could use plastic figures, or tin cans with faces draw on them.

    It doesn’t need to be a band, doesn’t need any musical instruments.

    The idea is just one of creating something using lots of people to provide different elements that some wizard can layer into a little film or two.

    No worries if you don’t even want to have a go, but by sharing thoughts and generating ideas may help us to keep the interest in our hobby. Please feel free to add you own ideas and Lee can open up a thread on your subject.

    Take care. Keep safe.

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