OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday March 4th 2014 – OVFM OSCARS!!


“They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway”

Well they have nothing compared to the luminescence of the OVFM Oscars, especially those Yanks who are trying to steal our thunder by hosting their thrupenny bit knockoff version two days before ours!

The biggest event in the OVFM calendar arrives on March 4th where the hard work and creativity of OVFM club members are rewarded with fetching little trinkets that have had a load of names and dates scratched into them. With bated breath (or fresh breath if you use mouth wash) many of use are on tenterhooks wondering if our names will be added to those which have already caused a huge devaluation to the resell worth of said trophies!

As ever we have many awards being contested including:

Ian Dunbar Cup

Orpington Trophy

Jubilee Shield

Vincent Pons Trophy

Mike Turner Plate

Kath Jones Cup

Peggy Parmenter Knife & Fork

We’ll also find out who has come second to Barbara “Cakes” Darby in the 2013 Top Ten competition.

This year we are thankful to Rod Willerton, Ron Prosser and David Fenn of Haywards Heath Movie Makers for kindly judging the films on our behalf and we believe Messers Prosser and Fenn might be joining on the night, so we can thank them personally (or beat them up if we don’t anything).

And of course it wouldn’t be an award ceremony without the display of high fashion and glamour so members are encouraged to expel the mothballs from their Sunday finest and dress up for the occasion, or if you are so inclined you can indulge in a bit of fancy dress. Last year long time member John Alford came dressed as an empty chair but was devastated when no-one noticed. The moral of this tale? Choose your costume wisely!

Last year’s big winner was Colin “Colin” Jones who took home seven awards although he only actually won five, followed by Mrs. “Cakes” Darby who won three. Who will be the triumphant winner(s) this year?

The only way to find out is to join us this Tuesday March 4th at the Barnard Room, St Augustine’s Church for the 2014 OVFM Oscars!!

Hope to see you all then!

5 Replies to “OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday March 4th 2014 – OVFM OSCARS!!”

  1. Anyone got a bow tie I can borrow?
    No, don’t worry, I’ll make one out of brown paper, string and sealing wax.
    Thank goodness I paid attention through Barbara Darby’s film ‘How to Make a Bow Tie (out of brown paper, string and sealing wax’!
    See you all on the 4th.
    Now, where did I leave my sealing wax?

    1. I’d be wary of Barbara’s tutorial films. I’m still smarting after her last one “How to Make a Prophylactic Out of Sandpaper”… 😮

  2. What a great night!
    A BIG thank you to all who attended. Nearly everyone was dressed to the nines and looking FAB not least our very own web wizard Lee, who wore a very sharp suit and looked like a young James Bond…cooool!

    Thanks also to Ian for putting the dvd together, Andy for projecting, Brenda for doing the hard work of bringing everything together and Peggy for laying on a fine spread of sweet goodies for us (mmmm).
    And last but certainly not least THANKS to Ron and David from Haywards Heath Movie Makers for joining us on our special night.
    You made it EXTRA special fellas.

    1. More like an old James Bond but thanks anyway! 😛

      Yes well done to Simon for hosting, Brenda for the organisation, Ian for the video presentation and to the judges from Haywards Heath, Ron Earwicker and David Earwicker.

      Congrats to all the winners and of course to Simon for his mighty haul. I just hope there was room for Deborah in the car afterwards! 🙂

  3. just enough room Lee – I was rather crushed against the windscreen though !

    Thanks to everyone who worked so hard towards an enjoyable evening.

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