New OVFM Project – Green



Hello again and here we are with another exciting club project for you to participate in.

The subject this time is “Green”.  Now what does that mean you ask? Well, it could mean a number of things: something incorporating the colour perhaps; a tribute to your favourite fruit or vegetable; a tour around your garden; a golfing green; maybe something to do with the environment; a film about author Graham Greene, guitar legend Peter Green or TV impresario Hughie Green; perhaps you have done something using a green screen; you might even have a cold and have coughed up something green; aliens are supposed to be green aren’t they? – whatever it is we ask you to get out your cameras,get filming and show it to the club!

The deadline (i.e: the night we’ll be showing the films) is TUESDAY APRIL 29TH so don’t say we don’t give you enough advanced warning on these projects!

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing the fruits of your labours on the 29th of April!