50/50 Evening with Spring Park


with Spring Park

Sharing can be a good thing. A rewarding thing. it can help us out of a sticky situation by helping carry the load of a problem or it can lead to the widening of the horizons. If we don’t share things like information and knowledge then we as people and a society won’t grow. It’s also nice to share the fruits of our labours which brings us to this film show evening OVFM will be having with our rivals   friends at Spring Park Film Makers!

On Thursday 6th March Spring Park will welcome us to their Club  at Emmanuel Church, The Grove, West Wickham BR4 9JS (map can be found HERE) – 7:45pm for an 8:00pm start – for an evening of the finest film making our region has to offer. And Spring Park will show some of their films too!

Both clubs will be screening a 45 minute selection of their films to show but remember, this is not a competition, just a chance to get together with fellow film makers and indulge in a civil and hopefully rewarding night of amateur film making.

If you are interested in attending then please let our Duracell driven secretary Freddy Beard know ASAP as Spring Park need to know how many cakes to provide!!

Thanks in advance to Spring Park for their hospitality and here’s to a good night!
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3 Replies to “50/50 Evening with Spring Park”

  1. Duracell Lee?? Certainly need all available long-life batteries, and a good recharger!
    Hope that OVFM gives good support to the 50/50 with Spring Park. They will be visiting us for the Triangle on 15th April.

  2. Hi Freddy – you’ve certainly got energy to spare!
    I’m really looking forward to visiting Spring Park and seeing a selection of their films and basking in their hospitality.


  3. I’d just like to say a huge ‘TA Very Much’ to all our friends at Spring Park for being so hospitable and for giving us OVFMers a very entertaining evening.
    Let’s do it all again next year!

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