2019 already? I’m afraid so but whilst we always like to look forward here at OVFM, we still have to finish some of the business we started in 2018, namely the TOP TEN competition!

The three individual qualifying rounds were held over the latter half of the year and from that the ten films with the highest scores from those rounds will be screened again in this final. The complete scores from all three rounds can be found HERE.

The ten films which will be screened and voted on in this session are as follows:


1. Beyond the Sunset – Sam Brown

2. When Orpington Was Still A Village – David Laker

3. Aristotle – Hugh Darrington

4. …104! – Ian Menage

5. Our Lizzie – Barbara Darby

6. Season’s Blessings – Jane Oliver

7. Walkers – Barbara Walker

8. Dream Visitor – John Bunce

9. Dino Invasion Of London – Lee Relph

10. Church Room – Bob Wyeth


It is imperative we have a high turnout to make the scoring as fair and representative as possible so each film is given a fair assessment from a a high a pool of voters.  The film with the most votes will be crowned the 2018 Top Ten Winner at the OVFM Oscars on March 19th.

Also, this meeting is your last chance to enter the Annual Competition, so please ensure you have your film, £2 entry fee and ENTRY FORM  (this is in the Members’ Only section so make sure you are logged in to access it) to hand to competition manager Ian Menage, whilst anyone who has yet to return their trophies from last year please bring them along too.

To download the Entry Form from the above link, roll your cursor over the top of the window to reveal the menu bar then click the download icon, or you can print the form off directly from the page by clicking the printer icon which is to the right of the download icon.


We hope to see everybody bright and fit for this important evening on Tuesday as we kickstart a new year here at OVFM!