The Top Ten competition for 2018 is now underway. All the information you need about it can be found HERE but this page is for the results, so be sure to check back after each round to see the updated standings.

Here are the scores as awarded by club members in the Top 10 2018 qualifying rounds:


ROUND ONE (Held on July 10th)

1. Beyond the Sunset – Sam Brown    45.37

2. Our Lizzie – Barbara Darby    41.42

3. Napier – Jim Morton-Robertson   35.37

4. Swiss Holiday Alps – Kath Goodwin   33.26


ROUND TWO (Held on August 21st)

1. Aristotle – Hugh Darrington    42.67

2. Season’s Blessings – Jane Oliver   40.50

3. Dino Invasion Of London – Lee Relph   36.96

4. Church Room – Bob Wyeth   36.54

5. Neil’s Garden – Colin Jones   35.63

6. Occupied In London – Graham Sinden   33.83


ROUND THREE (to be held on October 16th)



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