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OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday Feb 28th 2012

  Lessons Learned with Anna Littler   Anna Littler, one of our taller club members, has a made a film set in the 1940’s. Originally titled “Bombs & Blueberries” Anna eventually settled on the snappier title “Blitz & Bananas”. No idea what it’s about as Anna has kept this whole project a closely guarded secret […]

The Perils of Filming in Public

By Annabelle Lancaster   This is an adaptation of an article in the North Thames Region newsletter written by Arthur Gatcum, a former policeman. Under the ‘Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (Freedom of Panorama)’ the taking of photographs or video footage of buildings, sculptures and other art in public places is generally permitted without […]

The Write Stuff

Greetings dear readers (and you less expensive ones). For the benefit of those who don’t know me, as I’m a relative newcomer to OVFM, my name is Lee, the writer/director of the multi-award winning film “Writers Block”, and the big ugly brute in black who is usually blocking the view of short people at the […]

Interview Techniques

  Why do an interview?   Haven’t got the footage? – If a ship sinks at sea, you can interview the survivors Could be Interesting filler if used sparingly. If it’s a significant person, it can add credibility Planning Do your research – have a good idea of questions and background about the subject. Consider […]

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