OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday Feb 28th 2012


Lessons Learned


Anna Littler


Anna Littler, one of our taller club members, has a made a film set in the 1940’s. Originally titled “Bombs & Blueberries” Anna eventually settled on the snappier title “Blitz & Bananas”. No idea what it’s about as Anna has kept this whole project a closely guarded secret from all of us (but my guess it has something to do with fish).

Anyway, Anna has decided to regale us with a dissertation on the making of this covert project of hers, explaining in lurid and explicit detail what she has learned from the process, how it has helped improve her understanding of filmmaking from beginning to end, how problems were overcome and resolved and which method of stress relief was the most effective (see also: “Coulson, Chris” and “punching bag”).

Anna’s lecture will take place this Tuesday at 8:00pm o’clock at the usual club meeting place (not to be confused with our unusual club meeting place). Please bring your own ears. Sleeping bags are optional.

Be there or be somewhere else.

**EDIT** – Anna has requested that everyone bring a pencil with a rubber although she wouldn’t divulge the reason for this. You will also need an eraser if you have one too. Yes, I’m scared now….

4 Replies to “OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday Feb 28th 2012”

  1. Hi Lee.
    My guess is that Anna’s film has something to do with those mould breaking seventies glam rockers the Sweet.

    Their hit ‘Ballroom BLITZ’ undoubtedly inspired Anna. It certainly made a big impact on me…say no more!

  2. Unfortunately we have an elderly cousin over from Canada who will be coming to evening dinner with us so I may not be able to attend the astounding preview talk from Ms littler who is no relation to Hielittler at least I don’t think so, Blitz being a Germanic word!
    Have fun and don’t forget your pencil with a rubber on the end of it, 4 for tuppence in Woolworths

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