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OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday November 12th 2013

OVFM SCRIPTWRITING EVENING   Over the past couple of years our entries for the annual North vs South competition, as well as the Coaching Evenings, has seen an emergence of club members starting to write their own scripts, which is encouraging as our drama/comedy output is somewhat dwarfed in relation to holiday, documentary and sundry […]

Carry On Coaching…By Jove it’s the Rehearsal!

While Old Man Winter has been quietly cloaking itself in Spring’s mantle (fingers crossed) the Intelligentsia Juggernaut that is the OVFM Coaching Experience has been steadily rumbling onward towards it’s goal…like some giant, steady, rumbling thing. Monday 23rd January 2012 saw a crack team of keen film makers, actors, technical gurus, avid students of cinema […]

See The Light, Get on Track…it's the Third Coaching Evening!

 With the evenings drawing in and austerity measures meaning street lamps are going out all over Europe, the time seemed ripe for a practical night on lighting etc at OVFM. The buzz of expectancy at the club on Tuesday 15th November was enough to make your fillings rattle as The Crew set to work transfering […]

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