OVFM Coaching Evenings 2013

ovfm coaching

Coaching Evenings 2013


Ian Menage

Following the success of last year’s coaching evening sessions, which resulted in the making of The Amazing Healing Machine, we will be running a second group of sessions in 2013.

As already trailed at previous meetings, this time the emphasis will be on a debriefing of the last shoot and of Disastermind, with the intention of putting useful improvements into practice and to make a short film later.

We need members who were directly involved in these shoots to volunteer and to describe any problems they faced and to give their views freely. Also any suggestions for us to take to the next one.

Experienced members can help the Club in the supervising and setting up aspects. This is also what a real (reel?) club is all about, isn’t it?

For your diary, the four Tuesdays will be in the usual Barnard Room at 7.30 for 8pm:

Feb 26th – show the Healing machine, comments and then Disastermind and comments

March 12th  –  follow on with the introduction of the shoot and making arrangements –  who does what.  Also run through the script and it’s requirements.

April 9th   – start the shoot

April 23rd   – finish it!

Please do step forward and offer to take on the various roles. Who’s first to be Director, Clapperboard  etc….?  It will be a bit if fun as well as hard work!  So come along.  I’ll be looking for the first volunteers at the next meeting.

Then as before copies of the footage will be circulated to those who wish to have a go at editing and creating a film for the Club.

Please ring me on 01732 462900 or email ian.menage@gmail.com with any suggestions and offers to help make this a useful and successful event.


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