Attention – Spring Show Promotion!!


Hello loyal OVMFers!!

As you know the 2013 Spring Show is soon upon us and we would like to spread the word around the Orpington community. To ensure we make a bigger splash this year, Simon “Snapper” Earwicker has created a poster to display across various willing public places to help generate interest.

If you are able to help by putting a poster up on a supermarket or social club notice board or somewhere visible where you may think interest in our show might be generated please download and print off a copy of the poster from HERE!

Many thanks for your co-operation.

2 Replies to “Attention – Spring Show Promotion!!”

  1. Good idea Lee, I have a copy of ‘Snappers’ excellent Poster to put in the Oxfam window (where I volunteer)

    1. Hi Freddy
      That nickname does make me sound like an annoyed little fish with sharp teeth!

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