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Coaching Evening April 8th

As you know, I have tried to arrange something different each year, to test your reactions of interest, which is why these evenings have changed from around Christmas to now.. On 25th March at the first evening of this session Simon showed us the different basic aspects of lighting and how to use reflectors to […]

OVFM Coaching Evenings 2014

It’s Spring 2014 and once again it is time for us to restore the faith in our less confident filmmakers with the annual coaching evening sessions. As ever Ian “Hole In One” Menage has been hard at work constructing another programme for all of us to benefit from with helpful advice and masterclasses from the […]

OVFM Coaching Evenings 2013

Coaching Evenings 2013  by Ian Menage Following the success of last year’s coaching evening sessions, which resulted in the making of The Amazing Healing Machine, we will be running a second group of sessions in 2013. As already trailed at previous meetings, this time the emphasis will be on a debriefing of the last shoot […]

Carry On Coaching…By Jove it’s the Rehearsal!

While Old Man Winter has been quietly cloaking itself in Spring’s mantle (fingers crossed) the Intelligentsia Juggernaut that is the OVFM Coaching Experience has been steadily rumbling onward towards it’s goal…like some giant, steady, rumbling thing. Monday 23rd January 2012 saw a crack team of keen film makers, actors, technical gurus, avid students of cinema […]

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