I hope everyone has their thinking caps ready as our next club meeting, held via Zoom, will be a Quiz Night!


The Legion of Doom (OVFM Committee) have been tight lipped about what we can expect in terms of questions and categories thereof, although I have been reliably informed there will be “something for everyone”. This, I presume, means it will cover general knowledge topics and not just limited to film which would be the natural theme given we are a filmmaking club!


Please note that by virtue of this being a Zoom meeting, the scoring will be left to up to the individual to do themselves, meaning the LOD are putting their faith in everyone to be as honest as possible in checking their answers, whilst use of Google or the other sources of reference are prohibited. 


So swot up, watch lots of TV quizzes (The Chase, Mastermind, Pointless, et al), and be ready for the great OVFM Quiz Night this coming Tuesday!



P.S – If you have an idea for a theme for a future Zoom meeting that could inspire a topic for making more films, do let the LOD know.



It’s time to face the music and Gdansk as OVFM returns to Zoom for our next club meeting, and yes, there was a festive clue there as to what you can expect to see.

Inspired by guest speaker Michael Gough, the Legion of Doom decided to dig out two films based on the aforementioned Polish city to share with us. Both films were made by Reg and Annabelle Lancaster albeit individually, so it will be interesting to see if there is a difference in approach or perspective between the two films.

For the other part of the evening, a little cooperation from other club members is required here. The idea is that members will be given five minutes to tell a story of something that happened in their lives which could be turned into a film project. Considering most of you were around when life was still black and white, there should be no shortage of impressive yarns from yesteryear to regale us with and turn into your next cinematic effort.

That is all to come this Tuesday. As ever, club secretary Barbara J. Darby will send out the Zoom log in details by email 24 hours prior to the meeting.

See you then!



It’s been a while but OVFM are taking the first steps in resuming the club meeting schedule in person in the Barnyard Rooms at St Augustine’s church in Petts Wood!

After a year of holding meetings – including the 2020 Oscars – via Zoom we are cautiously inviting club members to come face to face with each other as we used to do in the old days of early 2020 BC (Before COVID). As much as we’d like to see a healthy turn out for this first return to normal meeting we do understand that some of you may not be able to attend in person due to elf-isolating or don’t quite feel ready to leave your bubbles just yet.

Hopefully you have all read the health and safety protocols that were emailed to you a few weeks back and have accepted them in lieu of returning the club room. Feel free to wear a mask if you so desire, just remember to speak up for us hard of hearing folk!

Regarding the programme for the evening, this is a bit trickier.  Unfortunately, most of the committee have either swanned off on holiday or are staying at home, leaving our chair Jane Oliver to run everything herself. – and that includes things like the projector and laptop, which she is a bit nervous about. In the vent it does al work, we’ll either take a trawl through the archives or – if the arrives in time – have a look at the programme from the recent TRIANGLE COMPETITION which OVFM WON!

If not, I suppose we can discuss the weather or something.

We hope to see you then.