OVFM CLUB MEETING – TUESDAY September 5th 2017


This Tuesday sees us entering the Last Chance Saloon as far as the annual Top Ten competition is concerned as Round Three is the final opportunity to get your films into contention for the grand final to be held in January 2018.

We’ve already had ten films submitted across the first two rounds but there are still plenty more to come. Listed to participate in this round are:


Sam Brown
John Bunce
Basil Doody
Simon Earwicker
Mike Graham
John and Sylvia Greengrass
Colin Jones
Annabelle Lancaster
Brian Pfeiffer
Trevor Rogers
Brenda and Roger Wheatley


However there are still some club members who didn’t submit their films in their designated rounds. They are:


John Alford
Ron Darby
Malcolm Goodwin
Ian Menage
Peter Mitchell
Peggy Parmenter
Mike Shaw
Alan Smith and Cherie

Freddy Beard
Hugh Darrington
Kuldip Kaur
Pat Palmer
Bob Vine
Barbara Walker
Andy and Marian Watson


Therefore you are invited to use this opportunity to enter your films or forever hold your peace. Hugh had some playback issues with his DVD last time which I hope he has fixed for this round.

A word of warning for anyone planning on bringing a film via USB flash drive – we had some issues last time with the club Blu-ray player reading the files so either bring a DVD instead if you can, or please can us sufficient warning to ensure we have the club laptop on hand to view the films via that platform instead. We strongly urge you to use MPEG 4 format for films on USB.

Please respond to this post in the comments section below if you will be bringing a film, declaring format (DVD/Blu-ray. USB), picture ratio (4:3/16:9) and run time, or since you all like Hugh more than me, send him an e-mail with the same details.

So good luck to everyone who enters a film and let’s make this last round one to remember!

OVFM CLUB MEETING – Tuesday August 8th 2017


We enter the second round of the Top 10 competition with just four entries submitted for the first round, the results of which you will find HERE. Now that the tennis has ended, Love Island is over with and there are no more general elections planned (at least as far as I know) then we hope that the sunny weather has inspired you to go out and about with your cameras and capture the world around you.

If you are one of the following, we request that you bring the fruits of your labours to this week’s meeting otherwise it will be a short night and very sparse Top Ten contest this year:


Freddy Beard
Hugh Darrington
Ann and John Epton
Kuldip Kaur
Walter McKenna
Jane Oliver
Pat Palmer
Lee Relph
Graham Sinden
Bob Vine
Barbara Walker
Andy and Marion Watson


Hugh has been informed by Freddy and Andy that they won’t be at the meeting thus no films from them this time around, putting us down by two spots already. Andy’s absence also means that we will need a substitute projectionist for the evening, so if there are any takers please let us know in advance.

If you have a film ready either let Hugh know via e-mail or reply to this post in the comments/reply section below, letting us know the film’s run time, format (DVD, Blu-ray, USB) and picture ratio (4:3 or 16:9). Similarly please reply below if you can’t make this round and we’ll accommodate your film in a future round.

We would also like to remind everyone that this meeting is the deadline for submitting their food/dessert preferences for the club’s upcoming garden party. Please see Annabelle, Jane or David with your choices.

Thank you for reading and good luck to everyone who enters a film!

Top Ten Competition 2017 – Results



The Top Ten competition for 2017 is now underway. All the information you need about it can be found HERE but this page is for the results, so be sure to check back after each round to see the updated standings.


ROUND ONE (Held June 27th)

1. Hampden P1344 – Jim Morten-Robertson    54.62
2. The Juggler – Reg Lancaster    52.42
3. 1940’s Showreel – Barbara Darby   48.32
4. Flatford Mill – Charlie Caseley   40.57


ROUND TWO (Held August 8th)

1. Orpington In The 1840s  – David Laker   54.38
2. It’s A Pug’s Life – Lee Relph  53.23
3. New Year 2017 In London  – Wally McKenna   47.23
= Glorious Devon  – Jane Oliver   47.23
5. Last Stand  – Ann & John Epton   45.16
6. Bridge Over The Thames – Graham Sinden   41.73


ROUND THREE (Held on September 5th)

1. Please – John Greengrass    52.84
2. No Thanks Not Me – Colin Jones    52.76
3. But Is It Art? – Hugh Darrington   49.15
4. Come Fly With Me – Trevor Rogers    47.38
5. St Giles The Abbott – John Bunce    45.48


That means the ten (11?) films that go onto the final in January are as follows:

1. Hampden P1344 – Jim Morten-Robertson    54.62
2. Orpington In The 1840s  – David Laker   54.38
3. It’s A Pug’s Life – Lee Relph  53.23
4. Please – John Greengrass    52.84
5. No Thanks Not Me – Colin Jones    52.76
6. The Juggler – Reg Lancaster    52.42
7. But Is It Art? – Hugh Darrington   49.15
8. 1940’s Showreel – Barbara Darby   48.32
9. Come Fly With Me – Trevor Rogers    47.38
10. Glorious Devon  – Jane Oliver   47.23
=   New Year 2017 In London – Wally McKenna   47.23


Congrats to all the finalists and thanks to everyone who entered a film. Be sure you are in attendance on January 9th 2018 to vote in the final!



After the glitz and glamour of the 2017 OVFM Oscars it is time to get serious again with the annual AGM.

This is the one night of the year where club members get to air their grievances, their concerns, their fears or ask that all important question they’ve been a bit shy about asking. Once the minutes from last year’s meeting have been approved and the annual reports have been read, we turn the floor over to YOU, so please don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Also at the AGM we elect our Committee. Every year they work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure there are the club keep running, projects are conceived, outings and events are organised and all of the perks and treats you get to enjoy on a regular basis are taken care of.

Every seat on the Committee is temporarily vacated – including the position of Chairman – so anyone can who has been nominated or has decided to stand can find themselves as the newest member. While we appreciate everything they do for us, like anything an injection of fresh blood can make all the difference, which is why this opportunity is there for the taking.

We already know that incumbent chairman Simon Earwicker will be stepping down from the position after four years in the role and Brenda Wheatley will be stepping down as Competitions Officer after 12 years. We thank them both for their hard work and contributions to the running of OVFM.

The club is also looking for a full time Press Officer which doesn’t have to be a Committee role making this open to anyone to fulfil. If you think you’d like to take up this position and help get the club notices, events and other stories into the local press, pubic forums and across social media and the Internet then please make your intention known at this meeting or speak to a Committee member.

However this means a changing of the guard and hopefully someone will have put themselves forward to fill these positions. Nominations forms were sent out with the Viewfinder and were available for download on this site so hopefully this process is already in motion but if not the final deadline is THIS FRIDAY MARCH 31st!!

A reminder of the current committee as it stands is as follows:


Chairman – Simon Earwicker (standing down)

Vice Chairman – Sam Brown

Treasurer – David Laker

Secretary – Freddy Beard

Competitions Officer – Brenda Wheatley (standing down)


Ordinary Members:

Reg Lancaster (Club President)

Annabelle Lancaster

Ian Menage

Andy Watson

Jane Oliver


And it is not just the Committee who can suggest ideas – this is YOUR club so YOUR ideas and suggestions are equally valid and welcome. The club needs films to survive and we thrive on having great ideas to make those films, so please have a think about ideas and themes for future project evenings or other club events.


To download the agenda in full for the meeting please click HERE


To download the minutes from the 2016 AGM please click HERE


Remember this is about your voice, your views, your club!

Thanks for reading and see you on Tuesday.



The annual OVFM Oscars were held on Tuesday March 21st 2017, honouring and recognising the hard work and output of  club members over the past 12 months.

In case you  missed it or need a reminder here is the list of winners:



Ian Dunbar Cup (Best film) – Reaching For The Sky by Jane Oliver

Orpington Trophy (Best Film Runner Up) – Meet Dexter by Lee Relph

Arthur Woolhead Trophy (Animation or Visual Effects) – Heaven Or Hell by Hugh Darrington

Priory Trophy (Editing) – Meet Dexter by Lee Relph

Vincent Pons Shield (Fiction) – Meet Dexter by Lee Relph

Rene Morris Penguin Plate (Photography) – Dawlish Air Show by Jane Oliver

Heyfield Trophy (Sound) – The Quest by Colin Jones

Reg Lancaster Trophy (Funniest Film) – Meet Dexter by Lee Relph

Alice Howe Trophy (Documentary) – Reaching For The Sky by Jane Oliver

Raasay Trophy (No special category) – Moholo Animal Rehabilitation Centre by Brian Pfeiffer

Jubilee Shield (Film under five minutes) – 1940 Sherringham by Barbara Darby



The 2016 Top Ten Competition –

WINNER: Reconstruction Of H4 by Barbara Darby

RUNNER-UP: Meet Dexter by Lee Relph

Kath Jones Cup (Best joke Film) – Back Porch Revamp by John Bunce

Vic Treen Trophy (Best Film Cut To Music) – Ski Funday by Andy & Marian Watson

Mike Turner Plate (Best Film Under 1 Minute) – Tunnel Cleaner by Jane Oliver


Highly Commended Certificates

Tree Down by Jim Morton-Robertson

On A Roll by Ann & John Epton

Moholo Animal Rehabilitation Centre by Brian Pfeiffer

Commended Certificates

Hampden P1344 by Jim Morton-Robertson

An Historic Route by Pat Palmer


Congratulations to all the winners and big thank you to Brenda Wheatley, who has been our Competitions Officer for the past 12 years but has decided to step down from the role. If you think you can follow in Brenda’s footsteps then please contact Brenda for details and get your nomination form HERE, ahead of the AGM next month.


Ladles and Jellyspoons

It is that time of year again when we ask you to drag your best clobber from out of the mothballs, then put them on and bring yourselves down to the club meeting for the 2017 OVFM Oscars!

Every year we celebrate and reward the efforts of our club members with a small trinket or two, with club awards voted for by their peers and the Annual competition categories judged by an external panel.

This year we are indebted to members of Sutton Coalfield Movie Makers for giving up their time on our behalf to review and rate our films.

Hopefully our show will go without a hitch unlike the ersatz version the Americans put on recently. What a shambles. Fancy getting the Best Film award wrong. I waited all night for them to announce Meet Dexter and they not only gave it to La La Land but then realised they had stuffed that up and gave it to Moonlight instead. Tch!

As mentioned earlier this is a black tie affair so the more glam you look the better, but if you are feeling adventurous you can come in fancy dress to add a little levity to the proceedings. Scruffy people will be shown the door although I am sure they already know what it looks like anyway. And your partners are very welcome to join us too if you have one. If you haven’t, then don’t bring them.

We have many awards being contested. In the Annual Competition they are:


Ian Dunbar Cup (Best film)

Orpington Trophy (Best Film Runner Up)

Arthur Woolhead Trophy (Animation or Visual Effects)

Priory Trophy (Editing)

Vincent Pons Shield (Fiction)

Rene Morris Penguin Plate (Photography)

Heyfield Trophy (Sound)

Reg Lancaster Trophy (Funniest Film)

Alice Howe Trophy (Documentary)

Raasay Trophy (No special category)

Jubilee Shield (Film under five minutes)


The club awards are:


The 2016 Top Ten Competition

Kath Jones Cup

Vic Treen Cup

Mike Turner Plate

David Laker Latrine


Last year’s big winner was Barbara Walker whose film “Commute” earned her three awards, closely followed by John Bunce and Hugh Darrington with two wins each. Who will be the triumphant winner(s) this year?

Hope you will join us this Tuesday March 21st at the Barnard Room, St Augustine’s Church for the 2017 OVFM Oscars!!