OVFM CLUB MEETING – Tuesday August 8th 2017


We enter the second round of the Top 10 competition with just four entries submitted for the first round, the results of which you will find HERE. Now that the tennis has ended, Love Island is over with and there are no more general elections planned (at least as far as I know) then we hope that the sunny weather has inspired you to go out and about with your cameras and capture the world around you.

If you are one of the following, we request that you bring the fruits of your labours to this week’s meeting otherwise it will be a short night and very sparse Top Ten contest this year:


Freddy Beard
Hugh Darrington
Ann and John Epton
Kuldip Kaur
Walter McKenna
Jane Oliver
Pat Palmer
Lee Relph
Graham Sinden
Bob Vine
Barbara Walker
Andy and Marion Watson


Hugh has been informed by Freddy and Andy that they won’t be at the meeting thus no films from them this time around, putting us down by two spots already. Andy’s absence also means that we will need a substitute projectionist for the evening, so if there are any takers please let us know in advance.

If you have a film ready either let Hugh know via e-mail or reply to this post in the comments/reply section below, letting us know the film’s run time, format (DVD, Blu-ray, USB) and picture ratio (4:3 or 16:9). Similarly please reply below if you can’t make this round and we’ll accommodate your film in a future round.

We would also like to remind everyone that this meeting is the deadline for submitting their food/dessert preferences for the club’s upcoming garden party. Please see Annabelle, Jane or David with your choices.

Thank you for reading and good luck to everyone who enters a film!

8 Replies to “OVFM CLUB MEETING – Tuesday August 8th 2017”

  1. Hugh will be leading by example and is bringing an 8 minute film (presumably on DVD) whilst I am rushing to complete my film in time, so watch this space.

  2. I should have a film of about 8 minutes. It should have been in round 1 but I was away.

  3. Wally McKenna. Aim to have as short film ready for next Tuesday, estimate length at 6-8 mins. It will be on USB 16:9 format. Thank You

    1. Thanks Wally. Might I suggest, just to be safe, you make a DVD copy as back up since our Blu-ray player is a little unpredictable when it comes to playing USB files. I know that defeats the purpose of the USB but you know what they say about “safe and sorry”. 😉 🙂

    1. Thanks John!

      Well after months of agony and one of the most stressful weekends I’ve ever experienced my film is ready – albeit with some flaws I cannot fix – so add “It’s A Pug’s LIfe” (DVD 16:9 4 mins 21 secs) to the list which I believe will now also include films from Graham Sinden (DVD 4:3 8 mins) and possibly Pat Palmer and Jane Oliver which would take the total to EIGHT FILMS!!

      Whoo! 😀

  4. On what was quite an eventful night – for the wrong reasons – we ended up with seven films submitted but only six were screened, although it did initially appear that we may only have three films.

    The SNAFU was that first Hugh’s DVD wouldn’t play then the next lot of films had been submitted on USB flash drives which the Blu-ray player refused to read. This was eventually rectified when John Epton kindly rushed home to get his own Blu-ray player and the club laptop leading to a rather crammed final twenty minutes of the meeting.

    We kicked off with Graham Sinden’s entry “Bridge Across The Thames” we took us on a tour of the capital and the famous landmark structures that stand over the river Thames. The curiosity of this film as that it was shot on a 50 year old 9mm film camera, so it looked like it was made in 1967 and not 2017!

    The next film was my latest masterpiece “It’s A Pug’s Life”, starring my pug Penny and my sister’s pug Millie, which I hope people enjoyed.

    The last of the DVD entries came from David Laker who took us back to “Orpington In The 1840’s” with a first person account of how our humble little town looked 170 years ago.

    After the extended tea break, we resumed the evening via the USB entries, beginning with “The Last Stand” by John and Ann Epton, “New Year 2017” from (I believe) Wally McKenna and “Devonshire ” by our Chairman Jane Oliver, comprising of aerial shots taken by a drone of the titular county.

    Thanks to all who entered a film. The next round is on September 5th and your last chance to enter the competition. Just a bit of friendly advice – bring a DVD copy until we get a new Blu-ray player that will accept USB files. Ta! 😉

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