OVFM Coaching Evenings 2014

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It’s Spring 2014 and once again it is time for us to restore the faith in our less confident filmmakers with the annual coaching evening sessions.

As ever Ian “Hole In One” Menage has been hard at work constructing another programme for all of us to benefit from with helpful advice and masterclasses from the more experienced and knowledge club members to aid those of us still in the starting blocks with improving our filmmaking skills.

There is one notable change to the programme this year – we will NOT being making a film as part of these sessions. This was part of the programme in the past but it was felt that we were rushing some of the more practical and theoretical aspects of these tutorials in the hurry to put them into practice. Therefore this  year, while there will be some practical endeavours, the idea is that we have time to refine and apply what we have learned in our time with the end results hopefully being demonstrated in our films entered for the Top 10 or project evenings.

This is the current list of dates and proposed by Ian along with the subject and theme for each evening (subject to change):

Mar 25: Lighting with Simon Earwicker / Scriptwriting with Celtx pt 2 with Lee Relph

Apr 8: Music in film: Best choices of music for your film / Music software and royalty free music with Mike Shaw

Apr 22: Editing Different editing suites demonstrations (in small groups) with John Epton, David Laker and Andy Watson

May 6:  Outside filming practice Pt 1 – practical filming experience at a nearby external location

May 20: Outside filming practice Pt 2 – As above

We do hope you will all take the opportunity to attend these sessions and improve both your knowledge and understanding of filmmaking and equipment, as previous years have proven to be invaluable to those who have attended. Good or bad we’ve all learned something!

Any further questions should be directed to Ian Menage at ian.menage@gmail.com or please check back at this page for any updates.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you there!

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  1. Just to say that as I’m kicking off with the first part of the first Coaching Evening (to be swiftly followed by young tech whizz-kid Lee) I would like to extend a warm invitation to all members to join us.
    The Coaching Evenings are a great opportunity to learn from each other and if possible have a hands-on experience with equipment and techniques.
    It’s all very informal and relaxed and I promise you wont be tested afterwards!

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