OVFM Coaching Evenings 2011/12

OVFM Coaching Evenings

October 2011/Early 2012

As some of you are already aware, club member Ian Menage has been organising a series of coaching evenings in order to help improve the quality of film making for our club members or to offer some guidance for the new or easily intimidated film maker.

With the help of some of the more experienced and knowledgeable members, this course is sure to provide plenty of help and encouragement to us all and is set to cover every major area of the film making process. We also hope to apply all we have been taught to  the making of a group short film for future screening during a regular club meeting.

These sessions will take place on alternate Tuesdays to our regular club meetings at the same venue. in other words, if you attend you’ll be making your way to Petts Wood every week instead of every fortnight (with a break for Christmas/New Year). Unlike our regular club meetings, Ian has promised that these sessions will start on time!

The first session is scheduled for Tuesday October 18th and the breakdown of the syllabus is thus with the names of the club members acting as advisers :

A.  Pre-production

Week 1 – 18th October 2011

Your camcorder controls and sound basics.

– “Bring your camera” – Colin Jones
–  Sound recording – Chris Coulson

Week 2 – 1st November 2011

– Planning a project: type; story; scripting; supporters; locations; Golden Rule; continuity; music; interview techniques, sets, etc. The ‘language of film’ – Colin Jones.

– Tips on shooting to make editing easier, use of clapper boards, etc. – John Epton

Week 3 – 15th November 2011

– Lighting and camera angles – Chris Coulson

– Using Club equipment – Chris Coulson

B.  Production

Week 4 – 24th January 2012

All to be involved in making a short uncomplicated film.

C.  Post production

Week 5 – 7th February 2012

–  Editing principles, including “before and after” illustrations; managing clips; multi cameras and soundtrack  – John Epton

Week 6 – 21st February 2012

– The language of titling and special effects – Mike Shaw

–  Formation of small groups with same editing programmes and distribution of tapes to edit at home.

Sounds like a fun and worthwhile project which we can all benefit from. If you haven’t already signed up for this then please leave a reply below expressing your intention to attend or e-mail Ian Menage at ian.menage@gmail.com, who I am sure will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about this project.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you there!

15 Replies to “OVFM Coaching Evenings 2011/12”

  1. Pretty good night I thought. I learned quite a bit and discovered some things my camera could do that I wasn’t aware of before.

    Thanks to Chris, John and Colin for sharing their expertise with us noobs! 😛

  2. I agree with Lee, a very good and interesting evening. Looking forward to the rest. Hopefully I will have a DVD of the evening available by the next coaching evening for any one who wants a copy. Suggested donation (for club funds) £2 per copy

    Anyone interested in a copy, please let me know

  3. Last night’s session was a lot of fun. Thanks to Chris for bringing out the dolly!

    Lesson learned – if you want participants for something, put wheels on it! 😛

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